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OCTOBER 27, 2022

BLACK SWAN Sexy and sculpted mermaid dress in black taffeta

Auggie Cordero creates the best gowns for Christmas partying. “His taste is elegant, his designs are classic yet youthful,” said Cris Albert in her Yuletide festooned flat.


Everyone knows it was Wanda Louwallien, the beautiful mom of Cris, who introduced her daughter to the world of haute couture. Wanda was Auggie’s favorite model in the ’80s.


The best part of owning a made-to-measure dress is that it is specially molded to every contour of your body, usually perfected after two fittings at Cordero’s atelier in Malate.


Made-to-order assures the wearer of looking impeccable, and whether she loses a few pounds or gains a bit, especially this Christmas, it will never show. That’s what separates ready-to-wear from haute couture. You are sure the outfit exists only for you, and you never have to fear that you will enter an event venue and face someone wearing the same thing.


HALTER High tea dress, creme anglaise silk jersey column with a black silk sash and Swarovski belt, Escada shoes

And so today we learn about the outstanding style and hopes and goals of Cris Albert. Cris earned her college degree in advertising at the Assumption College. Then she finished a post-grad three-year course in Management at Harvard University, then another course at Insead in France, plus a Masters in entrepreneurship at AIM.


“I have a passion to make a difference, and I start by helping people in our company find their purposes and bring out their gifts,” said Cris, CEO of Fila, a local sports-minded shoe line. “We have five brands now, and I own three, which are international. We have 350 outlets, growing by 100 stores next year and three new product lines, as well.




“As an entrepreneur, I am driven by creativity and intuition, coupled with scientific measures,” she added. “My work ethic is perseverance.”


Such stellar priorities and principles come from a great loving family, bonded with mutual respect and admiration as well as encouragement and support for each member of Cris’ family.


2013 BALLGOWN Perfect for the New Year’s Ball at the Manila Peninsula, Cordero channels Marie Antoinette’s youth in this cotton candy-pink formal
festooned with silk cabbage roses.

“I am my Papa’s one great love, and I’m proud to be from the Abad Santos clan. My father Antonio is a businessman and is my knight in shining armor,” Cris said. “My great grandfather, Jose Abad Santos, is truly a hero. My favorite quote from him is ‘It’s an honor to die for one’s country.’ He is truly an inspiration to me. I live by this principle of loving people all around me.”


Then there are Cris’ advocacy and dedication.


“I love the Philippines, and there’s no better way to glorify God than to give back to our fellow countrymen in need. My advocacy for children is driven by my belief that every child deserves a home and a proper Christian education.”


Cofounding Operation Compassion, a nongovernment organization that builds ministries for the less fortunate, Cris has found her real happiness and contentment. “My cause is first for the people in the company to realize all their gifts, and maximize them to its highest potential.


ROYAL PURPLE Auggie Cordero’s signature strapless bubble dress in violet silk taffeta. Google his address and make an appointment.

“Through this, we are able to build several ministries for the poor. Operation Compassion is a beautiful expression of God’s law on love: selflessness. And there is nothing more beautiful than the fact that we are God’s children.


“I am obsessed with my son’s education,” she added. Having two beautiful kids, Carlo and Isabela, makes Cris Albert the ultimate giver that she is. “My true loves are my husband and my children.” Blessed with 19 years of a happy marriage to business man Butch Albert, Cris enjoys the dual worlds of generous spirituality and fine living, which is the recipe for harmony and joy.


What made this shoot unforgettable was the disco music that played loud and endless popping bottles of Moët & Chandon, which made the whole cast giddy as we got into the Christmas spirit.