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Amazing Grace

Fast facts about Grace Coddington from the book:


1. As a model, Grace Coddington’s signature makeup look was to draw long lines down her lower lash line to resemble a doll’s eyelashes. Her eyelash look, called “twiglets” was credited to Twiggy, though Coddington claims she started it way before Twiggy was born.


2. Her modeling career was cut short when a car accident sliced off her left eyelid. She went through five operations to repair the damage. She would adopt a heavy smoky eye to conceal her damaged eyelid (though she has stopped applying eye makeup now).


3. She took a break from magazine life to briefly work with Calvin Klein as his design director.


4. Though she has had two failed marriages, her longest relationship is with her current partner, hair stylist Didier Malige.


5. She adores cats and even has a cat psychic for times when she needs to understand them!