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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Developed by Russian company Yota Devices which dealt mostly with modems and routers, the YotaPhone is a unique and novel concept that we hope will come to fruition. This Android-powered smartphone is as thin as most smartphones but comes with two displays-an HD resolution display plus an e-ink one on the back. It’s like having a built-in e-reader with your colored smartphone. And while it was originally intended to slow down battery depletion (e-ink only consumes battery when it is refreshed), we love how the phone could be a Kindle and a phone in one (the Kindle Fire’s eye-straining backlit display doesn’t count).



Could rumors be true? During Steve Jobs’ era, the Apple rumor mill churned out just that: rumors. But post-Steve Jobs, the rumors and leaked photos of new Apple offerings, like the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini were not only half-right, they were pretty spot on. Now the rumor mill is abuzz once more about Apple finally coming out with an actual television. Could 2013 be the year of the iTV?

The computer-TV hybrid


While Apple’s iTV is still just a rumor, most TV companies are bridging the gap between computers and televisions in 2013 and hopping on the streaming bandwagon. Most American cable companies have seen an alarming dip in subscribers, no thanks to great content from streaming giants Netflix and Hulu. Television companies have responded to the trend by incorporating processors and WiFi into newer systems, allowing viewers to have access to streaming sites without connecting their computers to their TVs.

The full-frame point-and-shoot camera

Sony’s NEX series has a huge following among casual and professional photographers alike, and recently Sony came out with the RX-1, a full-frame point-and-shoot camera, the first of its kind. As camera systems find ways to stuff full-frame sensors into smaller bodies, expect next year’s cameras to be equipped with sensors almost at par with huge DSLRs.


The connected camera


Samsung released its Galaxy camera late this year, with everyone raving about it. This year, expect camera companies to include connectivity as its major come-on as a way for people to instantly share and upload photos on social networks.


The laptop/tablet hybrid

Windows 8’s rollout promised a seamless user experience whether you are on a smartphone, tablet or laptop running the OS. Because of this, expect laptops and tablets to merge into a thinner hybrid of itself. Microsoft’s Surface is an example where the tablet features a cover that doubles as a keyboard. You’ll never have to choose whether to bring the laptop or the tablet to work; you’ll have the best of both worlds.

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