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Trafalgar at 20th Travel Tour Expo-travel the world with insiders and experts

BREATHTAKING Venice. Book the holiday of your dreams at the Trafalgar booth at the 20th Travel Tour Expo, SMX Convention Center, Feb. 15-17.

TRAFALGAR, the world leader in guided holidays, provides insightful European experiences from an insider’s perspective. Traveling is not just about the sights travelers see, but the unique and enriching local experiences that broaden the mind and bridge the gap between people and cultures.


For 65 years, Trafalgar has created unforgettable adventures for travelers from here in the Philippines, and the rest of the world.


The difference lies in the stories created behind each destination through immersive encounters that open windows into the local way of life. These glimpses into region- or even city-specific culture is due to some of the finest travel directors one will meet, and become very good friends with, and whose exclusive relationships with families, skilled artisans and expert guides will give access to places and experiences one simply cannot get when traveling on his or her own.


These local guides join travelers at various points of their journey and share their passion for the city they actually grew up in. Some are local experts in select itineraries—an indigenous storyteller, say, a geologist or historian—who will bring a particular place into sharper focus, and traveling into a whole new level.


Also, to capture the essence of a locale, Trafalgar has put together its exclusive Be My Guest dining experiences, through which visitors are welcomed into private homes, working farms and wineries for a fine taste of Italy, France and Scotland, and more within Europe. Savor home-cooked food made from local ingredients, and indulge in the finest wine harvested from family vineyards.


Whether it’s marveling at the beauty of the Provencal countryside, learning the art of Italian cooking in Tuscany, or bonding over wine in an Andalusian household, only Trafalgar lets travelers see and experience things from the inside.


Head over to the Trafalgar booth at the 20th Travel Tour Expo. Visit the SMX Convention Center on Feb. 15-16, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; and Feb. 17, 10 a.m.-8 p.m., to enjoy a 10-percent early bird discount on all Trafalgar European itineraries featured in First Class and Cost Saver Brochures. Special treats also await those who purchase Cathay Pacific airline tickets together with Trafalgar itineraries.


For more information, contact Pan Pacific Travel Corp. at 5231990 or 5361265. Follow Trafalgar Asia on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and promotions.