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On dream roles and other ‘Khun-fessions’

He’s a singer, dancer, rapper, multiinstrumentalist, TV host, ramp/print model, and celebrity endorser. But there’s more: Nichkhun is also an aspiring actor, and a promising one at that.


Last year, he starred in the Japanese live-action film adaptation of popular manga “Ouran High School Host Club” as Lawrence, the president of a Singaporean corporation, and in the Thai romance flick

“Seven Something” as a young runner searching for a life-changing miracle.


“Acting, for me, is very new, and I’m very inexperienced,” Nichkhun admits. “During the shooting, everything was just so confusing, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. Being onstage and feeling comfortable is one thing, but with acting, it’s like I’m lost.”


Of course, he can always count on his staunch supporters for some cheering-up. “While I was shooting ‘Seven Something’ in Thailand, the fans brought me all the food that I like to the set, so me and the whole crew, we ate it. We enjoyed shooting there and being with the fans,” he recalls with a smile.


Initial fears aside, he doesn’t let his relative inexperience deter him from taking on more acting roles in the future. If anything, he plans to work extra hard for it. “I always watch movies, and I always envy actors because they’re so good and they’re so natural. I wanna be like that.”


Apparently, he’s not the only one in his family who’s been bitten by the acting bug. His older brother Nichan has also recently entered show biz, and Nichkhun says he’d love do a show with him one day.

“I’ve seen my brother’s play [with my sister], and they were really good. I was really impressed and surprised,” he says with pride.


Any dream roles? “I’d like to do some action roles. Maybe the super hero type, fly around…” he grins. Playing a caped crusader might be every boy’s dream, but Nichkhun in tights? That’s definitely something for the fangirls to fantasize about. Angela V. Ignacio, contributor