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The injustice to the cat


As exlained in the last episode, the cat is not included among the 12 animals in the zodiac. The rat had pushed the cat off the ox’s back on which they had both hitched a ride. And so the cat drowned.

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The rat was once a beautiful creature


(Part 3)
More on the Prototype Factory. The Rat has a mixed history. He was meant to be a poster boy of the zodiac. But he was too smart for his own good. Smart can mean bright. Smart can mean cunning, which is no good.

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R and R

BY Gilda Cordero Fernando

Second Installment of Graphic Novel with No Plot and No Point. During my R and R I drew the second part of how I perceived animals were prototyped in some celestial realm. In here is a creature, an Incomplete Turtle (turtle-to-be). An overlarge squid is dripping next to him. The squid is all out of proportion to its importance (as a supplier of ink for black paella.)

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R and R

“TODAY,” art by GCF

I AM IN rest and recreation mode, and free to draw anything I fancy. It turned out to be a GRAPHIC NOVEL WITHOUT A PLOT AND WITHOUT A POINT.

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Sifting through old memories


Reviewing my journals from 1994 onwards, I found interesting gems. The following is supposed to be a nonsexist “Our Father” which a group of us tried to choreograph into movement.

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