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Aswang’ redux: Time for a makeover


The passengers heard a splash on the side of the ship, which has slowed down as it prepared to dock. It was barely dawn, and the town had not yet stirred from slumber.

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How basketball can make you a better person


Basketball is a game where “height is might.” The game is often dominated by people who are tall because scoring and defending the basket is easier when you’re gifted with such stature. That is the reason Blacks and Caucasians rule basketball. Unfortunately, we Filipinos are not blessed with height. It cannot be denied that we are at a disadvantage with regards to basketball. Our physique is not built for this kind of event.

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Better off as friends: Surviving the Friend Zone


“The best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.”—Henry Miller

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Hazing in law schools: A social epidemic


A stormy sky must have been the last thing Marc Andrei Marcos saw, as his so-called brothers beat him into unconsciousness on a farm somewhere in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

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Slim and metal-clad is all the rage these days, and as one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world, Dell has a range of offerings in this division.

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