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She’s having an affair–with her ex-husband


My husband and I had a very acrimonious separation 16 years ago. We were married for 20 years and have three children. We went through every process to disconnect us permanently—church and civil annulment, and even a divorce in the US just to speed things up.

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After online affair, married man says he’s learned his lesson


I am a happily married man with a daughter and a very understanding and loving wife. Despite this, I hooked up online with a separated woman.

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Does he like me, or is he just being friendly?


I am past 30, and I’ve never had a romantic relationship. Coming from a conservative family, I never had the chance to mingle with men other than my close relatives.

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Clueless GF can’t take a hint

emily a. marcelo

I am a 34-year-old physician with a 32-year-old girlfriend of seven years who is also a physician.

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Daughter, sister and now, caregiver

emily a. marcelo

I’m a single woman, 58 years old and living with my 82-year-old mother. I have a little business that barely supports me but my mother and I get by, thanks to my two brothers and a sister who give us generous financial support.

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