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Letter from Today


I believe the hardest book to read is your own.  And that is perhaps why I had not read “Surreality” in a long while.  Or perhaps I was just too busy living: meeting people, giving speeches, running events and other life stuff like teaching kids how to write, learning new skills from the best schools, […]

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Learning to move on

The author with son Joseph

Three months was all I was given to prepare for his leaving.  But I did not know then how much time I would need to move on and be happy again. I was 43 when I lost Benjie in June 2005; he was 49, and our son Joseph was 9. That dreaded day in March […]

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In the Meantime


The most carefree times of my life were the childhood summers I spent doing absolutely nothing. No school, no homework, no piano lessons, no out of town or overseas trips, no dead relative to bury, no house to burn – nothing. “Only boring people get bored,” my mother would say at times like these, which […]

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‘We Were Ivatan in an Earlier Life’

One of the most familiar and frequented places on Sabtang: the stone arch at Nakabuang beach, ideal for picnics, overnight camping and aquatic exploration

BATANES has gained iconic status among local travelers and a growing number of foreign tourists mainly because of its fascinating landscapes and the friendliness of the Ivatan people. The list of attractions is long. Verdant hills and forested mountains for trekkers. Cliffs and crags, at the foot of which the booming surf lashes dramatically. Unpolluted […]

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Meeting Tom, Dick and Harry – on the Net


TEXAS, USA – “I will drive you to wherever you’re meeting. And remember, I want to know where you will be. And call me when you’re ready to come home, and I will pick you up.” That was my daughter talking while she drove me to my first Internet date. Talk about role reversal! Then […]

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