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Husband compiles wife’s excuses for refusing to have sex with him


A sexually frustrated husband compiled in an Excel spreadsheet the excuses of his wife every time he asked to have sex with her.

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Eat, drink, relax at Murray and D’Vine

Photo caption: JUICY IT IS. Murray and D’Vine’s bestseller, the Juicy Lucy burger. Image by Micaela Tan

For most working people, Friday nights usually call for sessions of sizzling sisig and buckets of beer. Friday night ends, the inuman wraps up and people go home. It’s a typical weekend cycle for some.

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Heating up World Trade Center, FHM style


What happens when you put together hundreds of provocative women in very, very sexy bikinis, a number of awesome performances from several Pinoy rock icons, and a plethora of happified men guzzling down alcoholic drinks while prancing around to the beat of the music?

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Disney princesses beaten black and blue for advocacy


What happens when a fairy tale turns out to be a traumatic nightmare?

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Why rainy days should be as much fun for our canine and feline friends

Huskies cooling down. FILE PHOTO

The rainy season provides many opportunities to enjoy indoor activities with canine and feline friends and there is no better time to learn about them than now. Rainy day fun with your furry friend may not be a problem, but keep in mind that pets are more susceptible to common diseases in this weather.

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