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Sweating the small stuff


If my husband had his way, he’d probably live in a vacuum. How many times have I come home to an airless home—windows, glass doors shut, no air-con on, not even the fan, and he’s sound asleep on the couch, hugging his guitar as though it were a soft pillow, breathing in the same carbon dioxide he breathes out.

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Do men, once married, really lose interest in satisfying their wives?


I married a wonderful man, and our relationship is envied by many. He is God-fearing, a good son and brother, great father, a good provider.

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Patience for the old goat


“Towel!” my husband cries out. Uh-oh, I must have forgotten to replace the his-and-hers towels I had removed after showering last night. How easily I forget tasks when I put them off for later, especially tasks not normally assigned me, such as this one, which falls on my kasambahay Lani, who happens to be on vacation.

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“THE TREE of Knowledge of Good and Evil”  ART BY GCF 2005

It was 1952. We had gotten secretly married—not in court, but in Ermita church, in front of an honest-to goodness Capuchin priest.

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Longing for his old girlfriend


Twenty years ago, I devised a way to get rid of an eight-year-relationship that my mom objected to. She was my high-school girlfriend, smart and pretty, but from a lower income status, and whose parents were nobodies in the social circle I grew up in.

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