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Keep yourself and your body busy to maintain current weight, lose excess pounds

WALKING is the most doable form of exercise FITNESSFORMOMMIES.NET

You can lose 10, 20 or 50 pounds after several months of making continuous efforts in your weight-management program. But you may still have a hard time maintaining your weight loss, especially if you did not start your program with the physical activity component.

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Forget starvation diets–you should eat more to burn fat

SOMOMA’S steak flank with miso and asparagus NELSON MATAWARAN

The chocolate chip cookie was a chewy, whole wheat, six-inch affair. Its generous size offered moisture, mild natural sweetness and the unmatched flavor of melted chocolate chips that overpowered the apple sauce.

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9 tips to shrink your daddy belly

THE AUTHOR, before and after

Close to 50 years old, I found myself overweight and with hypertension. Happily, I have been able to lose some extra inches and get my blood pressure back to normal. It is possible to restore one’s health if one has a plan and sticks to it.

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Monitor your health one step at a time

SOLEUS founder and CEO David Arnold, brand manager Judith Staples, product manager Jason Johnson

Tracking your daily activities used to mean logging in your activities—including exercise, sleep and their corresponding times—in a small notebook. Your consultant, a certified personal trainer or weight-management coach, would then give you a rough estimate of calories burned based on your activities.

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Core workouts and detox programs keep Vicki and Cristalle sexy


Celebrity doctor Victoria “Vicki” Belo likens weight watching to protecting a bank account: Keep an eye on the deposits and withdrawals to maintain your ideal balance. But unlike in a bank account, a fat deposit is not as welcoming as cash.

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