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Hues of hope for children of ‘Bayan ni Juan’

CHILDREN of families moved to a government housing site in Calauan, Laguna, find hope through an art mural.    photo: ISAGANI SERRANO/CONTRIBUTOR

Foot painter Jason de los Reyes looked back at his life after meeting children in a resettlement area in Calauan town, Laguna province.

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Bitter melon fights cancer


How and why cancer continues to ravage and extinguish the lives of millions worldwide continues to baffle medical experts.

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Probiotics, sugar and fabulous skin


In the world of wellness, there are many approaches to achieving good health and ultimately, general well-being. All you need is an open mind and a willing heart.

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Death threats

“EL BOBO de la Yuca”

Some people immediately panic on hearing rumors or predictions of forthcoming calamities. Fearing for their safety and that of their loved ones, they quickly spread the dire warning to friends, their fear communicating through the cell phone.

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Doctors prescribe exercise as medicine

Obesity among Filipino women is a common problem. AFP file photo. AFP FILE PHOTO

If your doctor prescribes exercise as medicine, don’t be surprised.

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