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When wellness becomes a core value

WEIGHT and other body measurements are taken inside theWellness Booth at the NestleWellness Expo in SM Megamall.

Three years ago, the Nestle headquarters in the Philippines received a most unusual gift. In the package was an album that contained clippings of all Nestle recipes collected since 1969.

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A cleaner start to school year 2014-2015


Cleanliness goes beyond spotless surfaces and stain removal. What is dusted off, wiped down or swept may still give shelter to millions of germs that may threaten the health of families, especially children.

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Water remedies you may want to try


Oftentimes ignorance can lead to all sorts of complications. So, today, let us add to your wellness encyclopedia.

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Healing is based on natural laws


There are basic principles of healing which are all based on natural laws. This is because good health is not a matter of chance, but a consequence of good habits.

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Wellness to go


While there are no quick fixes or speedy remedies, there are practical, easy-to-do regimens that can guarantee your well-being and beauty. These answers to some of your most stubborn and persistent problems may be helpful.

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