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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Your column about hypnosis reminded me of Gemma Cruz-Araneta, who was assisted by a hypnotherapist when she gave birth to her three kids because she was allergic to anesthesia. Was that hypnotherapist with her from the time she went into labor until the baby came out? It must have been so painful for her when the hypnosis was finished, because she had to feel everything. Is that hypnotherapist still alive today? I hope to have a hypnotherapist when I go into labor. Just thinking of going through birth pains scares me. — Mitz

Here’s Gemma’s reply: “Fatimah and Leon were born in Manila. Dr. Leonardo Bascara hypnotized me and he included post hypnotic suggestions, so no after-pains. Weeks of conditioning done before actual delivery. Subject has to have complete faith in the process and in the hypnotist.”

If an entity tries to communicate with you, does it mean he or she is trying to tell you something that concerns you?

Yes, but not necessarily something that concerns you. The message could be for somebody else whom you know—sometimes, even for somebody you do not know.

What’s the difference between luminous beings and elementals?

I do not know what you mean by luminous beings. A firefly is a luminous being. But I don’t think that’s what you mean.

Elementals are also called nature spirits. There are four types—namely, the elementals of earth (e.g. elves, gnomes, kapre), elementals of water (e.g. undines, sirens, mermaids.), elementals of air (e.g. sylphs, fairies), and elementals of fire (examples: salamander, creatures that live in volcanic lava and hot springs). Elementals help preserve the ecological balance and the treasures of the earth, water, air and of active volcanoes.

How are déjà vu experiences relevant to our lives? Are they like signs that tell us or confirm that we are on the right path to our destiny?

No connection at all. Déjà vu means “already seen.” These could be memories from dreams about the future, or soul memory of a past life incident, or spontaneous precognitive perception of a future event. It has nothing to do with one’s destiny. A lot of people experience déjà vu.

Do the deceased loved ones receive the burned paper money, flowers, food, candles, etc. that are prepared for them according to Chinese custom?

Maybe they receive the essence or intention for such offering but not the physical objects themselves. As you know, these things do not disappear from the altar or table, do they?

My daughter died last Feb. 6. Is it bad if I try to communicate with her? I have never dreamt of her since then. I want to talk to her, is this possible?

It is possible, but not advisable. As I have always said in all my writings and radio broadcasts, it is not advisable to call the spirits of the dead just to ask how they are doing on the other side or to ask specific information. If the spirit does not manifest in any manner whatsoever, this means the spirits are already at peace, and is not good to disturb them. If a spirit wants to communicate to the living, it will seek some ways or channels to do so. Only then should we try to find out what unfinished business the spirit left behind.

My pet cat died last week. Is there a way to connect with him? He was so special to me.

I don’t know the answer to this question. I have not come across any case where a living person succeeded in communicating with a spirit of a deceased cat or that of any animal. Since animals do not have individual personal souls like human beings, I doubt if it is still possible to communicate with them in the other life. What I know is that after death, the animal joins its group soul or species.

If a soul becomes an earth bound ghost, how long will it take for it to move on?

It depends on the level of consciousness of the person who died. If he is of high consciousness, it is immediate; if not, it may take months or even years. There’s no fixed period a spirit stays on the earth plane.

Can a psychic deliberately close another person’s third eye?

Of course not! Having a third eye means a person is clairvoyant. Now, clairvoyance, which literally means “to see clearly,” is part of a person’s mental faculty. Some have a more open third eye than others. But we all have the capacity to have clairvoyant vision, though spontaneously and not deliberately. Once a third eye is opened, it cannot be closed, but it can be controlled or managed.

Don’t believe anybody telling you he can open and close your third eye mechanically. It’s not like a door that can be opened or closed, nor a faucet that can be turned on or off.

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