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OCTOBER 27, 2022

CLIP-ONS thicken and lengthen hair in five minutes. Available at Tokyo Posh.
CLIP-ONS thicken and lengthen hair in five minutes. Available at Tokyo Posh.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause hair to shed after childbirth, making it thin and fragile. That is usually the reason moms cut their hair short after giving birth.


Some lose hair more than others, and postnatal depression doesn’t help stop it.


I experienced it myself. Despite doctor’s advice, I was alarmed at the amount of hair falling every time I showered. I thought I was going bald! I felt ugly and unhappy, and I missed my long, thick locks.


I mustered courage and asked a friend how she managed to keep her hair beautiful even after giving birth, and she told me about hair extensions. I was hesitant about trying it though, because hair extensions had a number of reported health hazards such as headaches, scalp damage and permanent hair loss.


Today you can get hair extensions without having to worry about long-term maintenance. Clip-ons were popularized by Jose Eber (that hair stylist in the cowboy hat), using an infomercial called “Secret Hair.”


Older versions of hair extensions used toupees and butterfly clips. The later versions, however, started using smaller, lighter clips that weren’t obvious but provided a strong and flexible

SVENSON’S StemPlus solutions



American actress Raquel Welch thought of volumizing hair extensions in early 2000 with Easivolume; it reaffirmed how women not only want length, but volume and thickness as well.


Denise Aquino brought to Manila the more advanced clip-on hair extensions, which are made in Japan.


Whether you want it wavy, straight, permed, short, long, shoulder-length, short pony, long pony, big curls, small curls, straight bangs  or wispy bangs, Tokyo Posh has a style available for you. There is no need to glue, weave, sew or braid. They’re clipped on and ready to go, and there is no need to commit to a certain hairstyle for long.


Stick-on extension


SEMI-PERMANENT extensions, available at Tokyo Posh

A new option available as well are stick-on extensions that are taped on to hair for that ombre shade. These will last two to three months. They come in four two-tone color combinations of rich browns, bright blondes and warm reds, which are perfect for the coming holidays.


Hair extensions can be used by new moms, aging women, and women with naturally thin hair who want a safer way to get instantly beautiful hair, without having to wait.


Stem-cell activation


But for those who can wait, advanced anti-hair loss systems are also available on the market. Svenson’s StemPlus solution contains stem cell activators that are applied to the scalp using a specialized dermal infusion system. This allows the solution to penetrate deep into the hair follicles.


Once absorbed by the scalp, it activates and regenerates dying follicle cells, which have shrunk due to aging or other hair problems, to produce stronger, healthier hair.


Svenson’s StemPlus solution is encouraged for men and women who are suffering from hair degeneration and rapid receding.

Ombre clip-ons


According to Svenson chief trichologist Michael Bernstein, hair-salon and home treatments are just “temporary quick fixes” to hair problems, and the only reliable solution is early detection and prevention.


“Do not wait until you have lost your hair,” said Bernstein, “see your trichologist while you still have your hair and together we can work to ensure you maintain a healthy growth. You do not wait until your teeth fall out and then see your dentist; the same is true with your hair.”


With all these innovative hair solutions suited to different kinds of individuals, there is no need to be anxious about your hair.