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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Sometimes a casual remark in a movie or even a comic book may contain words of wisdom, or at least some great insight spoken by an actor or actress.


I remember a scene in “Dark Knight.” When Batman was about to leap out of the balcony in the place of a woman he had just saved, she asked him, “Before you leave, can you tell me who you are?”


Batman looked back at her and softly replied, “It is what I do that defines me.” And then he was gone.


I was struck by Batman’s reply because it reminded me of what the English playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote in his essay, “Man and Superman”: “What a man believes may be gauged not from his creed but from the assumptions under which he daily acts.”


What defines man, or what he truly believes in, cannot be ascertained from his religion, but from the way he behaves or acts in his daily life.


Can you believe Batman talking like this? It is a very different Caped Crusader we find in the trilogy by Frank Miller. But it is still a movie made primarily to entertain, and not to educate or engage us in philosophical dialogue.


More recently, I was surprised to read in Inquirer Entertainment a remark by Sandra Bullock: “I get to dream things and they happen. I get to share this with my adopted son. I want him to know no boundaries.”


No limits


The reason it caught my attention is that I have always taught in my inner mind development courses that “the mind knows no limits aside from those it accepts.”


That’s exactly what Ms Bullock is saying. Do not put limits to what you can achieve.


And when she said that what she dreams of becomes a reality, she is talking about “the Law of Attraction” and the power of visualization to get whatever we want to achieve, no matter how difficult or even seemingly impossible the goal is.


Another thought-provoking passage, taken from the movie “The Notebook,” was passed on to me by my dentist, Dr. Elaine Silva-Buenviaje.


It goes:


“Maybe we’ve lived a thousand lives before this and in each one of them, we’ve found each other. I know I’ve spent each life before this one searching for you—not someone like you, but you. For your soul and mine must always come together.”


This is precisely one of the things I teach and discuss in my seminar on Soulmates, Karma and Reincarnation. We seldom meet a person by accident for the soul never forgets.


Those we meet in a meaningful way are people we certainly had met in previous lives—yes, even those who hurt us. In each meeting is a lesson for us to learn. This is the inexorable law of karma. We always get what we deserve.


Another unforgettable quote I came across a long time ago is from the Peanuts character, Charlie Brown. He said, “You can’t solve new math problems with an old math mind.”


This can easily be a rallying cry for a change in one’s paradigm, especially in science and religion. New problems require new solutions, not merely raking up traditional answers. The world is changing so fast so that only those with the courage to change their long-held beliefs will be able to survive, or retain their sanity.


New discoveries in quantum physics, neuroscience and parapsychology are breaking down traditional ways we look at the physical world we live in.




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