Why precision hair cutting is worth paying for | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


I have all the patience in the world for regimented skincare and makeup application. When it comes to hair though, I want fabulous but as close to effortless as I can get.


With precision hair stylists, I pay about a minimum of P1,000 and maximum of P1,700 a haircut but I am free not to think about my hair for another three months or longer.


It grows inwards and keeps its shape and covers up my flaws perfectly. I actually leave the house with wet hair and when it dries the shape is perfect. I roll off bed run my fingers through my hair and do a little fluffing and I am set.


Downside:  There is no one size fits all stylist; you have to find the one for you.  I found mine in Louis Kee and several stylists such as Joseph Tabile, Jun Tabile and Stefan of Basement Salon; Mr. YS of You Salon; Tinette of Tinette Salon; and Val de la Fuente of Watercolors Salon who makes my hair truly wash and wear.


With these guys, I have not had a single bad hair day and they can always fix mistakes my experiments have landed me in.


There are two new stylists you may want to try out.  I was at an event being groomed by another expert stylist but I observed these two men at work.  I read through their credentials at the press event and I studied what appeared to be their forte as they tackled client after client in the six hours I was at the salon.


“I see no reason why people should spend more money than they have to look great,” said Peter Hartley. What struck me the most about this soft-spoken Australian was how humble he was despite the eye-popping credentials.


Trained at Vidal Sassoon Academy at 1974, he was actually deemed worthy to become an academy instructor and was quickly promoted to art team member and helped establish Asia’s first Vidal Sassoon Academy in Hong Kong in 1977.


Since then he has not stopped updating his knowledge and brushing up on his techniques.


One woman consulting with him did not know what to do with her hair color which was fading, and confessed it was a big splurge for her that day and not part of her regular budget.


Peter actually worked out a plan for her and explained how he would fix her color in such a way that she would only need touch ups three or four times a year instead of monthly with her current solid color.


He also explained how a particular hairstyle he had in mind for her would work with her hair texture and face shape so she would not be so dependent on loud hair color for certain desired effects.


Women who leave his chair looked like a million bucks with great shiny well shaped hair, just enough color to flatter skin tone and face shape so they needed less makeup.  They said they could fix this on their own with a lot less time. He can help you cut corners but still make you look like you spent a whole lot more.


Note:  If you’ve already found the stylist for you, and your hair looks great and healthy,  there is no need to pay more or look around.


Book Peter Hartley at Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon, C5 Acropolis Quezon City, at 6384001 or 0916-5305170.