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OCTOBER 27, 2022

HERMÈS Parfums–Jour d’Hermès
HERMÈS Parfums–Jour d’Hermès

Acquiring an Hermes perfume can be likened to acquiring a book from a vast historic library.


The adventure began in 1951 when Edmond Roudnitska, considered one of the greatest perfumers of all time, composed Eau d’Hermès.


Ten years later, Hermès made history when Caleche, the first women’s perfume of the house, was born. Since then, the world has witnessed successions of creations from great names in perfumery, all passionate about the craftsmanship of fragrance design. It is, after all, an art, much like the design of shoes, clothing and bags. It makes for an exquisite gift for Valentine’s Day, and I will explain to you why it may mean more than just an expensive show of affection.


In 2004, Grasse native Jean-Claude Ellena joined the company as an in-house fragrance designer. In his language, there is no mention of markets, targets or concepts: “Above all, I believe that fragrances should have form, distinction, imagination, generosity, sensuality, surprise, so that no perfume is simply reduced to the status of a product, an object, a commodity.”


Luxury to be shared


Born into the trade of perfume-making, Ellena is mindful of the difference of pleasure and luxury in his design philosophy, the latter being at the core of the global brand: “Pleasure is selfish. Luxury is something you share. The aim of perfumery, like all the arts, is to create products that arouse sensual pleasure. As a man and as a composer of perfumes, I have to feel pleasure in order to be able to give it. The pleasure of surprising, of evoking, of suggesting, of gradually hinting.”


There is a story behind every Hermés fragrance. Put a bit more heart into your Valentine’s Day gift by finding a scent that will suit your loved one:

Eau d’Orange Vert


Eau d’Orange Verte for women


Eau d’Orange Verte was Hermès’ first cologne, first formulated in 1979 and is inspired by the odor of moist, rose-scented morning undergrowth. Through the expertise of Ellena, it’s grown to be a generous, figurative expression of simple pleasures, a fresh summer scent with a distinct freshness of citrus, mint and wood. It is subtle and unobtrusive.


Perfect for: The simple, straightforward, elegant woman


L’Ambre des Merveilles for men and women

L’Ambre des Merveilles


Amber means mystique. It roots back to a time when legitimately natural amber, known as ambergris, was extracted from the intestinal concretion of sperm whales for use in perfumery; an ode to the imaginary world of heroes who lived “in the belly of the beast” and escaped—from Jonah to Pinocchio. This fragrance has a discreet amber essence, with vanilla, labdanum and patchouli.


Perfect for: The old-fashioned romantic


Terre d’Hermès for men


A brainchild of Ellena launched in 2009, this fragrance is a history of an alchemic journey through the elements: earth, air and water. A woody, vegetal and mineral eau de toilette, its top notes are grapefruit and orange, with base notes of oak moss and benzoin.


Perfect for: The man’s man. Earthy, outdoorsy and adventurous.


Un Jardin Sur Le Toit for men and women

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit


The name literally translates to “rooftop on a garden.” It is vegetal, sweet-smelling and inspired by a gardener’s constancy, patience and pleasure satisfied from waiting, Ellena infused essences of apple, pear and magnolia, and, “in order to make it really Parisian,” Ellena points out, “I sprinkled it with light.”


Perfect for: Nature lovers. Light, cheerful and relaxed.


Épice Marine for men


Ellena’s 11th fragrance in the Hermessence collection, this scent is inspired by sea spray and ocean waters. They call it the “pirate Hermessence,” with notes of spices, rum, waxed floors and smoked woods. It also comes with a leather case made of Thalassa blue Swift calfskin and Mysore goatskin.


Perfect for: Men of the sea. Sailors, surfers and beach lovers.


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