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3 million: Volume in tons of annual production of cocoa worldwide, according to the World Cocoa Foundation.

5 to 6 million: Estimated number of cocoa farmers worldwide, according to the World Cocoa Foundation

5: Average number of years before a cocoa tree will produce its first pods or beans.

20: Amount in milligrams of caffeine present in an ounce of dark chocolate.

800: Amount in milligrams of theobromine   contained in an ounce of dry cocoa powder.  Theobromine is a chemical substance found in chocolate that is harmful to dogs.

1993: Year that the Chocolate Museum was opened in Cologne, Germany.

$854: Cost per pound of the Noka Vintages Collection chocolates.  Described by Forbes as one of world’s most expensive chocolates, it is 75-percent pure, single-origin cacao.

52: Number of calories in a .35-ounce Kit Kat miniature chocolate wafer bar

Compiled by Schatzi Quodala, Inquirer Research