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OCTOBER 27, 2022

About a week after that incident, I went back to the place of Apo Ina, with the late actor and UFO investigator Roy Alvarez, who was interested in paranormal phenomena.


As soon as we entered Apo Ina’s apartment, I avoided staying in front of the altar, because I didn’t want to go into a  trance again.


I hurriedly walked past the altar to the dining room located further inside the apartment, away from the altar.


I had not yet reached the dining table when I collapsed again in a trance. I fell on the floor. The others did not know what to do but only observed me.


My arms began to stretch out and my body lay flat and my right leg went on top of my left leg.


Vision of a crucifixion


Then I saw in my mind somebody, a Roman soldier, about to pound a nail on my left palm. Then I saw the big nail being pounded into my palm. I felt a sharp pain. And then he went to the other hand, and did the same thing.


As the nails were being pounded into my palm I felt some sharp pain, but it soon subsided. The soldier went down to my feet, put one on top of each other, and using a big nail, started nailing my two feet.


I stayed in that crucified position on the floor for some minutes. When I opened my eyes, the people were all looking at me, wondering what happened.


I told them what I saw and everybody wondered at the story. It was one of the most bizarre mystical experiences I have ever experienced in my life, and was never repeated again.


After that incident, I found I could heal people whenever I felt that tingling sensation. I remember doing such healing on one female artist and former official of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, who had severe stomach pain due to a hysterectomy performed on her before I saw her in Mt. Banahaw.


The other was a Catholic nun (whose name I had forgotten) who had a frozen right shoulder. I never tried to heal anybody else afterward, until eventually I could hardly feel the tingling sensation in my palm, perhaps because I failed to use my hands for healing, which was mandated for me to do.


Now I feel like doing healing seriously this time, if I could only get back the power and feel the energy in my palms again.


So far I haven’t tried to heal another person again, except a few friends.


The mystical encounters I had with Jesus Christ did not end there, although I had completely forgotten what took place in Mandaluyong with Apo Ina in early ’90s about 24 years ago.


And Christ looked at me


This time, in August  2011, the scene was Magalang, Pampanga, in an orchard belonging to a friend and former student, Riza Lim, who has since become a healer after taking all my seminars and attending other classes to develop herself.


She invited me, together with some Japanese patients, to Magalang to undergo treatment by several Filipino healers she had invited. I stayed there for three days with my wife Yoly.


On the second day, a religious group or sect in Pampanga, called Apo Mapacalulu (meaning Christ of Mercy), led by an Apo Joy, brought a large, life-size statue of the reclining Christ to Riza’s place to be worshipped and prayed upon.


It was a whole-night affair of prayers and singing.


When the statue was brought inside the house, everybody was asked to stand around the statue of the reclining Christ to pray.


I stood at the foot of the statue. The body of Christ was lying slightly facing the right side, with his head turned slightly toward the right. His eyes were half open.


As I stood there quietly, I began to stare at the eyes of Christ, which were turned away from me, and I said mentally, if you are really in the statue, show me some proof.


As I began to fix my eyes on his, I distinctly and eerily saw Christ’s eyes turn slowly toward me and look at me. At that point I felt a strong surge of energy overpower me and I fell again into a trance.


I felt very embarrassed because there were a lot of people whom I did not know watching me. The leader of the group, Apo Joy, came to me and began to pray.


While in trance I gave a message to the group in Tagalog. I said in part that all who were there were chosen. Many who will come to that place for healing will be healed, I said.


Apo Joy said that she distinctly saw the spirit of Jesus enter my body seconds before I fell to the floor. The spirit of Christ is now inside you, she said. Everybody stood in awe and wondered at what they had witnessed.


Another female member of the group confirmed what Apo Joy said. I did not know what to make of that incident. I would like to believe that Christ healed me, as I felt greatly energized and strong after that.


I felt grateful for the healing but did not know how to react to the vision they had of Christ entering me. As usual, I took such statements with a grain of salt.




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