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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Psychic perception may come to us through any of our five senses. If through the sense of sight, it is called “clairvoyance,” which literally means “to see clearly.” If through the sense of hearing, it is “clairaudience.” If through the sense of touch or feeling, it is “clairsentience.” If through the sense of smell, it’s called “clairolfaction.”

I don’t know what it’s called if the psychic information comes through the sense of taste, if there’s such a thing.

However, I have come across at least two persons who receive psychic information through the sense of smell. They discovered such a gift or talent in my class on ESP. Since they attended my seminars many years ago, I have never heard of anybody else with the same psychic ability. It seems this is not a very common one.

Interesting letter

But recently, I received a very interesting letter about this rare psychic ability from a reader named Karen Padayhag. Here’s her letter:

“After reading your book “Understanding The Psychic Powers of Man,” containing the different psychic manifestations, I was amazed. I remembered that I usually smell something different in places that are considered to be haunted or in funerals.

“During my father’s funeral, I smelled this unusual smell—and I continue to smell this in every funeral I go to.

“I also smell it in my school building for my class in home Economics (H.E). At first I didn’t think it was something important. However, one day, in the same building, we gathered there to eat. We brought food to our H.E room. When I got near the table, the unusual smell in that room became more intense. Again, I did not bother with it.

“After the gathering, I became very sick. Getting sick after smelling that unusual smell usually happened to me. I also smell the same smell when the death anniversary of my father is near.

“I do not know what it means. I can’t describe it except that it is unusual and not normally smelled by people.

“Here’s one other thing. Every time I would reminisce or imagine things, they would be accompanied by certain smells. For me, everyday would be a different smell and I clearly sense them when I remember those events.”

Highly developed

Karen, you are definitely one of those rare individuals who receive psychic information through the sense of smell. As mentioned earlier, yours is a very rare psychic gift or ability. Your sense of smell is so highly developed that you can even smell things that you merely imagine, and that you can associate each day with a different smell.

Others can see people as “beings of light” and in color. They can see the human aura that is not normally visible to everybody. These are people with a highly developed sense of sight, that’s why it is commonly called “The Third Eye.”

Try to experiment with this rare psychic ability of yours, so that you can use it in a practical way. One of the students I mentioned above can smell sickness in people, even if he has a cold. That’s why he is able to diagnose or tell what’s wrong with a person simply by being aware of that smell.

Can you imagine the tremendous possibilities this rare ability of yours can have? People with this psychic ability, when meeting a friend, will not say, “You don’t look well today.” They are more likely to say, “You don’t smell good today!”


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