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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I think it was Dr. William James, considered the father of modern psychology, who said the average human being utilizes only 10 percent of his mental capacity.


This means that if a human being’s brain cells or neurons are estimated at 100 billion, then he is using only 10 billion. Yet this limited brain capacity allowed man to develop cars, radios, telephones, airplanes, computers, lasers and spaceships.


It also enabled him to conquer diseases that previous generations were unable to cure.


It made him land on the moon and explore other planets in the solar system. Because of it, space travel may soon be an ordinary reality rather than mere science fiction.


Extraordinary powers


The current movie “Lucy” (directed by Luc Besson, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman) explores the possibility of a human being developing the entire 100 percent of her brain capacity.


Lucy (played by Johansson) develops superhuman powers as a result of her accidental absorption of a strange chemical in a plastic bag inserted into her abdomen by a ruthless criminal syndicate intent on smuggling the contents to another country.


Her extraordinary powers that enable her to defeat enemies and avenge herself include: telepathy, or the power to read other people’s thoughts and access their memory banks; telekinesis or the ability to move or affect material objects (guns, cars) without touching them; remote viewing or the power to observe or see what’s happening from afar; retrocognition or the power to see what happened in the past without being there; levitation or the power to reverse the polarity of one’s magnetic field and thereby rise; clairaudience or the power to hear conversations at a distance; and teleportation or the ability to transport oneself physically from one place to another.


What bothers me about such movies is that the producers and writers always presume that the extraordinary powers can only be obtained either by accident, by some laboratory experiments gone wrong, by making a pact with the devil, by an encounter with advanced beings from outer space, or by some sort of genetic mutation like in the case of the “X-Men” movie.


Such mental or psychic powers have, in fact, been developed by certain masters, mystics of the East, through some spiritual, mental and physical practices.


Monks in Tibet, for example, have developed powers of levitation. Mystics in India have demonstrated very strong telepathic, telekinetic and materialization powers.


In the Philippines, there are faith healers and psychic surgeons who have the power to make surgery-like incisions on the human body with their bare hands.


American Indian shamans have the power to make rain or stop it at will.


Next phase


For dramatic effect, such mental powers as depicted in “Lucy” are exaggerated. But these can be developed to a certain extent by humans, given enough time and proper training.


I believe that the development of such powers or higher consciousness is the next phase of human evolution. Evolution is no longer happening on the physical plane as far as human beings are concerned.


We will not develop another ear to hear better, or an extra eye so we can see better, or two extra legs so we can run faster. Human evolution will take place in the realm of higher awareness or consciousness.


And what happened to Lucy when she reached 100-percent development of her brain? I guess you just have to see the movie to find out.




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