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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Time was when the only thing a wrist accessory could tell you was that you’re running late. These days, high-tech wristbands can even predict if you’ll gain weight this month.

Jawbone was originally known for its Bluetooth headsets, but it was one of the first brands to venture into wearable fitness bands that interact with one’s smartphone. The latest iteration of its fitness bands, called UP24, was recently released here.

Since its launch, Jawbone’s UP users have collectively logged over one trillion steps and 100 million nights of sleep, proof of how popular its system is. The premise of wearing a smart wristband is simple: it presumes that users presented with concrete data on their health would adjust their lifestyle habits accordingly. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

So, what health indicators does this wristband provide users? Together with its companion app, the UP24 tracks the number of steps you take in a day, how many hours of shuteye you get nightly, as well as your food and water intake—very handy when you’re counting calories.

You can log your food by either uploading a photo, searching for the food item through its comprehensive database, or scanning your meal’s packaging barcode (if applicable).

The app lets you set fitness and weight goals, while little motivational cards give you info that will help you achieve them by allowing you to develop healthy habits. To get a good night’s sleep, the app advises that you set a bedtime routine—sleeping at the same time every night to give your body a natural rhythm that will also prevent you from feeling sluggish during the day. Clicking on each tidbit will bring up a more in-depth scientific study if you want to know more.

For those worried about using up this gadget’s power supply with their constant foray into health data, don’t worry. A full charge lasts a full week so you only need to take the wristband off to charge it and while you’re showering or swimming (it is splash-resistant but cannot be submerged in water).

But beware: The UP24 is not a passive data gatherer; it will nudge you to go to sleep or to move more when it senses that you will be unable to meet your goals for the day. The same goes for weight loss: UP24 will recommend a daily calorie goal, or how much calories you’re allowed for the day. It’s like having a dietitian and personal trainer wrapped around your wrist.

Jawbone UP24 (P8,590) is available at Power Mac Center, R.O.X., Common Thread, Automatic Centre, and Ambassador Appliance. It comes in three sizes and three colors (Onyx, Persimmon, and Pink Coral). The free app is available on the App Store/Play Store. Visit for more info. •



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