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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I received with a feeling of regret the news that the well-known Japanese researcher on the messages of water, Masaru Emoto, died recently in Japan.


Mr. Emoto became world-famous because of his pioneering and original research on the effect of words or emotions on the molecular structure of ordinary water. He discovered that expressions of positive or negative emotions affect the crystals of water.




This was how he conducted his research. He first froze water to become ice. Then he would look at the molecular structure of the ice. Then, when the ice turned to liquid again, he would express negative attitude, like hatred or anger, to the water.


He would freeze that water again and look at its crystalline structure. He found its molecules were scattered and lacked symmetry, unlike its previous form.


After the ice had turned to liquid again, he would ask forgiveness from the water and express positive emotions to it.


And then he would freeze the water again and look into its molecular structure.

He found the molecules became more coherent and in harmony with each other.


In his bestselling book “Messages from Water,” Mr. Emoto said, “If I freeze water and take a picture of the crystals that are formed, I could obtain information about the water.”


Imagine that.


Approval or disapproval


By doing thousands of such experiments over a period of several years, he realized that human words, expressions of approval or disapproval, love or hatred, definitely affect the molecular structure of water.


Later he experimented on just placing paper containing positive or negative words on it, and the water reacted the same way as if he had uttered those words.


It was as if the water could read the thoughts of Mr. Emoto.


This finding has some very important implications. Since our body is composed of about 75 percent water, can you imagine the effect of negative emotions directed to us by other people? They are enough to make us sick, or at least dissipate our energy.


On the other hand, positive words or emotions directed at us can give us a boost of energy. Now we know why.


This very important finding by Dr. Emoto also gives at least some rational explanation to the practice of our local healers, albularyo and babaylan of whispering words to the water before giving it to a sick person to drink.


I used to be very skeptical about this practice and found it ridiculous. Not anymore.


I also began to understand the reason behind blessing food before we eat it. It’s possible it rearranges the molecular structure of the water locked in the food.


In his later experiment before his death, Mr. Emoto was experimenting on cleaning the waters of a small lake and even rivers in Japan.


He found he could influence molecular patterns of the lake. Of course it takes a lot more effort than changing the crystalline structure of water in a drinking glass.


So, the next time you are about to drink a glass of water, bless it, or say something positive to it. Never mind how other people look at you when you do this. They have not read Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water.


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