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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Mantra for the week: “God loves me because I am special.”

Many people do not know that they are special and unique, just like every snowflake is like no other. When you learn to listen to that God-within you, you will hear It say:

“Know with all your heart and mind that you are wonderful and special. There is no one like you in the whole Universe. There is no one who smiles like you, speaks like you and loves like you. You are a unique creation of Mine. Yes, there is no one like you in the universe. That is why you are special. Let no one convince you otherwise.

“When you look into your eyes in the mirror, you get a glimpse of your soul. There, you get a glimpse of Me. Look lovingly and deeply into your eyes. Discover who you really are and how special you are.

“You have been told not to compare yourselves to others because you cannot. There is no comparison. You are unique. You are different. You are original. If you were to seek the whole world for someone exactly like you, you would not find that person. Like all My creations, you are made in My image and likeness but because I AM infinite, all My expressions are unique, different and special.

“When you sit by yourself and listen to Me, you begin to feel what I AM saying. I love you unconditionally. You are not a sinner, no matter what and how many mistakes you have made in your life. They have not lessened My love for you… You remain special to Me.”

Give Duterte a break

Two weeks after the elections, there are still those who are wary of Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte’s victory as President. Some people in the media are still criticizing his stance on various subjects.

May I suggest a moratorium on criticism for at least a year and give the “Mayor of the Philippines” a break.

A man after my own heart

What was really unforgettable about Duterte’s pronouncements was his reminder that one’s highest constitutional right is freedom of expression and, thereby, requested the Filipino people to understand and accept his unique ways of expressing his ideas.

But the most astounding of them all is his statement, “I believe in God, but not in religion.” He is truly a man after my own heart.

Mark-ing ‘delicadeza’

My only misgiving is Duterte’s appointment of Mark Villar as Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary.

After being reelected as Las Piñas Representative and out of delicadeza, Villar should just enjoy his congressional victory because his family’s real estate business is clearly a conflict of interest with the DPWH post; not to mention, the C5 extension scandal which is explained very openly by Winnie Monsod on YouTube.


In total contrast, Duterte’s appointment of Perfecto Yasay as acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs is brilliant.

Mr. Yasay must be feeling so happy that there is such a disparity in the two major Arians (Erap, April 19; Duterte, March 28) in his life.

When Erap was President, Yasay said, “For over an hour, I sat almost side by side with the person who had threatened to kill me for what I did,” which was to be a principal witness in Estrada’s impeachment trial.

Yasay’s new appointment in the DFA is a perfect example of good Karma at work.

Duterte’s intention to sell the presidential yacht, “Ang Pangulo,” and to use the proceeds to build a building for the military and the police gives us a clear insight as to the unique character that he is. No need for yachts for the Mayor of all mayors.

In case Inday Sara Duterte refuses the First Ladyship and Rep. Leni Robredo is proclaimed Vice President, Rody can appoint Leni as his acting “First Lady” for state socials and the like, which the presumptive President-elect finds such an intimidating chore to do. Well, future visiting dignitaries would be so pleased and charmed by the Vice President.

It’s another “crowning” glory for hear-no-evil lawyer Vitaliano Aguirre’s appointment as Secretary of Justice.

Gibo Teodoro would be just as effective as Secretary of Defense, if and when he decides to end his hibernation.

Sotero and Lorna Laurel are part of our extended family and it is only natural for us to be happy that their son Peter Laurel is the newly appointed Secretary of Education.

Joma Sison, a cousin of mine, is finally taking seriously the constantly aborted peace talks with government, now that Duterte—who was once Joma’s student in the Lyceum of the Philippines—is at the helm of power. Those who have qualms about Joma’s participation in government need not worry because, after the peace talks, the New People’s Army or NPA will simply mean a Non-Performing Asset and Joma goes back to being the poet he truly is.

A real De-Lima

Congratulations to the 12 Senatorial-elects from Drilon to De Lima. The Iglesia ni Cristo will now have to reassess the power it wields over our elections—it will now find itself in a real De-Lima.

Wedding of the year, so far

At the moment, the wedding of the year for me is the one that brought together the beautiful Rima Ostwani and the suave Jihad Najjar. It can be likened to the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, not only in its elegance but in the fairytale-like ambiance the wedding created.

The alluring Rima was breathtaking as she walked down the nave with her just as beautiful widowed mother Marianna, who is a Montilla Oppen, and eldest brother Khaled.

The reception at Shangri-La at The Fort was impeccably entrancing, each table featuring a slim 3-foot silver vase ending in a spray of multifarious orchids clearly from different parts of the world.

With only a hundred and fifty guests in attendance, its elegance was doubly underscored. Forty of them were friends and relatives of Jihad, who all flew in from Lebanon to witness the nuptials.

The wedding celebration featured a Zaffe-like wedding dance with all Lebanese gentlemen participating.

Georges and Vivianne Najjar, the happy parents of the groom, were very pleased to have Rima as their daughter-in-law. Who wouldn’t be charmed with having the attractive and congenial Rima as part of the family?

Heading the list of principal sponsors were the distinctive Nedy Tantoco of Rustan’s and the distinguished Felix Ang of CATS Motors; Premia’s Ruben Tiu; the beauteous DJ Lopez, who cried in church during the wedding in contrast to Marianna’s smiling through it all; the irrepressible Johnny Litton and the always glowing Linda Ley.

Rima and Jihad were childhood friends in Lebanon. However, when Rima’s family moved back to the Philippines, Jihad lost track of her whereabouts. Not until he rediscovered her on Facebook did he realize that she was in this country. Upon finding out, he immediately flew in to renew acquaintances, and the rest is history.

Truly, when two people are meant for each other, love always finds a way.

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