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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The human brain emits electrical waves which produce different effects on the body. Neuroscientists have named these waves Beta, with approximate frequencies of from 14 to 21 cycles per second; the Alpha, with 7 to 14 cps; Theta, with 4 to 7 cps; and Delta, with less than 1 to 4 cps.


When we are fully and physically awake or conscious, our brain waves are in the Beta stage. When we are mentally quiet and passive, our brain is in the Alpha stage.


When we are almost asleep and feel like floating, or when we feel heavy and can hardly move, our brain is in the Theta  stage. And when we are asleep it is in the Delta stage.


Eastern spiritual teachers or gurus have claimed and even demonstrated the many wonderful and incredible things a person can do when at various brain wave levels. Meditation can be at the Alpha, Theta or even Delta brain waves, depending on the depth of the meditation.


But how does one know if he/she is at any of these brain wave levels? Through the use of the electro-encephalograph (or EEG), a machine that detects brain waves.


When at the Beta level, a person is fully awake and can be physically active. At the Alpha level, he is in a meditative state and can perform certain psychic abilities, like telepathy, remote viewing  and even healing.


At the Theta level, he is in a deep hypnotic state and can control pain and bleeding. At the Delta level, he can perform telekinesis, like bending a metallic spoon with his mind and levitating.


In the ’70s, Maxwell Cade, a former government physicist who also studied medicine and clinical psychology, started working on a biofeedback machine to develop self-awareness when in certain states of meditation, as propounded by Eastern gurus or teachers. Using biofeedback,  Cade and others “established the existence of a measurable hierarchy of states of consciousness, each one of which corresponds to a stage in a progressively more integrated pattern of electrical activity of the brain.”


Mind Mirror


He described in detail his pioneering research work in his highly informative and fascinating book, “The Awakened Mind, Biofeedback and the Development of Higher States of Awareness,” which was given to me in 1990 by Dr. Geoffrey Blundell, a well-known British electronics engineer, who helped Cade in developing the Mind Mirror biofeedback machine.


The Mind Mirror is “a portable ECG machine that could monitor the alpha, beta  and theta rhythms from each brain hemisphere (left and right neo-cortex) simultaneously.”


It was the general belief that the longer a person has been practicing meditation, the deeper his state of consciousness becomes. That is not what the late Maxwell Cade and his associates discovered.


“In applying our (bio-feedback) instruments to some people who have practiced Eastern forms of meditation for a long time,” said Cade, “we found an unexpected and astonishing fact: several of them were not in the appropriate depths of alpha-theta associated with instrumented meditation. They were achieving no more or less alpha (plus beta) than any untrained person who sits extremely still with eyes closed.”


However, when Cade gave them some training using the biofeedback machines, “they were unanimous in recognizing the difference in the immediate expansion and deepening of consciousness.”


Cade said, “It was a revelation that many persons who believe, or want to believe, they are meditating are only bordering on its edges.”


Furthermore, by using these modern biofeedback machines, certain paranormal powers can be developed by ordinary persons in a short period of time.


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