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21st century diseases: the newest threat to your health

Do you feel tired and exhausted more often? Do you find yourself suddenly more prone to allergies you didn’t have before? These signs, and more, all point to the development of what some experts call 21st century diseases.


The most alarming characteristic of 21st century diseases? It is manmade.


How does this happen?


Long work hours. Pollution. Binge eating. Binge drinking. Lack of exercise. Traffic. All of these modern stressors lead to an imbalanced immune system.


Not many people know that a compromised immune system is an imbalanced immune system. To be imbalanced means that some of your immune cells may be overreactive or not attentive enough.


When this happens, the immune system either overreacts to harmless things, or isn’t attentive enough when harmful bacteria or viruses enter the body.


The result could be as manageable as a recurring allergy or asthma; or it could be as serious as heart disease, diabetes or even cancer.


One of the best ways to protect the body from 21st century diseases is to balance the immune system.

To get it back on track, it needs immunomodulators —naturally occurring substances that help nourish your immune cells, so your immune system becomes balanced again.


One of the more effective immunomodulators is CM-glucan, a natural substance derived from baker’s yeast.

It is 100 times more soluble than beta-glucan through a process called carboxymethylation, developed and patented by a Swiss company called Mibelle Biochemistry.


Because it is more soluble, CM-glucan is completely absorbed by the body in 24 hours with no effect on the liver.


When CM-glucan enters the body, it goes directly to your immune cells and begins to nourish them.


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