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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Imelda Tayag
Imelda Tayag
Imelda Tayag


The things women do to improve their looks can be subtle or obvious.

Although it’s their right to do whatever is necessary to feel good about themselves, there are women who go overboard, so that they don’t look like themselves anymore.


I have told my husband how beauty “jobs” may make mothers feel good, but could otherwise affect the psyche of their daughters if the moms end up looking bad.


Ime’s case


I’ve been having laser hair removal every month at Aivee Institute for quite some time, always requesting for the same girl, Imelda “Ime” Tayag, to attend to me. We would engage in conversation while I wait for the topical anesthesia to take effect.


But there was a period when Ime couldn’t report for work because she was undergoing chemotherapy. For some reason I stopped having laser hair removal until Ime texted to let me know that she was now doing well.


Months passed before I went back to the Aivee Institute and was pleasantly surprised to see Ime back at work. Something had changed in her.


She looked happy, glowing and youthful. I kept staring at her until she told me that she had her eyes and nose done.


She said she needed a break after all the chemotherapy and wanted to do something for herself.


Dr. Henry Claravall, ENT facial aesthetic surgeon, performed upper blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery on Ime.


Focal points


He said that when two people are talking, their eyes and eyelid areas are common focal points. Changes in appearance caused by aging may project an expression of sadness, tiredness and lack of energy. In some instances the sagging skin around the aging eyes may affect vision.


Other factors such as age, gender and race may significantly influence the process of aging.


Some women would have redundant (excess) skin only, while others would suffer from redundant skin and sagging periorbital fat. A thorough examination should be done to address specific needs.


Dr. John Porquez, ENT facial aesthetic surgeon, did a structural rhinoplasty on Ime—the external and internal anatomy of her nose was assessed and determined what structural alteration will be done.


The procedure involved harvesting and adjusting the cartilage from her nose to fit her facial profile, and dissolving the existing fillers and replacing them with a Gore-Tex implant. This provides a natural, appealing profile and blends with her facial contour.


I was very impressed with the results on Ime. The most important effect of the aesthetic procedure was the confidence and happiness she radiated.


Ime related how she would keep staring at the mirror and feel glad about her decision to upgrade her look.


I still believe that a woman’s face should be left untouched as much as possible, and that her nose, eyes, and lips should not define her character as a person. But if you think you can do with a little nip and tuck to make you feel and look better, then go ahead and do it.


Just make sure you go to the right doctor.


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