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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Is it possible for a person to disappear in one physical location and simultaneously appear in another place many miles away? This phenomenon is called “teleportation.”

Here are three documented cases of teleportation, which mainstream western science says is not possible.

The first two cases, reported by Randy Jeffries, appeared in the Feb. 22, 2000 issue of Weekly World News. It describes a man who dove into a Miami hotel pool and landed in a backyard hot tub eight miles away.

“Authorities confirm that a male tourist was taken into custody after police were called to the home of Miami resident Ralph Morily, who summoned authorities after discovering a man in his family spa around noon of Nov. 13.

“Morily said he and his wife, Donna, were sitting in lounge chairs in their yard when a man suddenly appeared dazed and incoherent in their tub. Morily said, ‘I can’t figure out where he could have come from. One moment the hot tub was empty, the next moment there was a man in it!’

“Cops say the man’s wife filed a missing person’s report after she and her two teenage sons watched him dive into the deep end of their hotel pool- and vanish… When a search of the pool failed to produce her husband, she called the police.

“The worried family was notified hours later that the missing man had been found. The time he disappeared corresponds to the time he emerged in the Morily spa.”

This is not the first such incident on record. According to Jeffries, in 1926, a French woman named Simone LaVille disappeared while attempting to swim the English Channel. The entire 18-men crew of the rescue boat that followed her watched her suddenly fade out of sight.

“After a three-hour search, they reported the woman missing, only to learn that she had emerged in a farmer’s pond 17 miles south of London.”

‘Guardia civil’

The most well-known case of teleportation happened to a Filipino guardia civil (Philippine Constabulary) in the 16th century. He was a security guard in the Governor General’s palace in Manila. He woke up one morning to report for work in full uniform, but found himself in Mexico City in front of the king’s palace.

He appeared dazed and incoherent. Cornered by Mexican authorities, he said that he was supposed to guard the Spanish Governor General’s palace in Manila but found himself in that strange place, halfway around the world. He said the governor general had been assassinated.

He was brought to the priest, who concluded that he must be possessed by the devil, and thrown in jail. Several months later, a galleon from the Philippines, carrying a Philippine official, arrived in Mexico. The official recognized the guardia civil and confirmed his story. He was brought back to the Philippines via the returning galleon. It is said that this incredible story is recorded in Church history.

Although teleportation is considered impossible by mainstream materialist science, some quantum physicists do not think so.

Quantum physics or quantum mechanics is the branch of physics that studies the smallest particles of matter (called the quanta).

“A team of scientists from Austria, Canada, and Germany,” according to one report, have beamed (or teleported) the quantum state of a particle of light from one island to another 89 miles (or 143 km) away.

“One can actually transfer the quantum states of a particle, in this case a photon, from one location to another without physically transferring the photon itself.

“This kind of teleportation isn’t quite what Scotty was beaming up on television’s ‘Star Trek,’ but it does represent a kind of magic of its own. While ‘Star Trek’s’ teleporters transport people from place to place instantaneously, quantum teleportation sends information.”

According to one theory in quantum physics, a subatomic particle can disappear in one orbit and can instantly appear in another.

The three documented cases of human teleportation cited above (I know of several others) prove the reality of this phenomenon. Our traditional mindset about how the physical world reality works makes us reject these phenomena.

If it is possible to teleport a subatomic particle from one place to another on the micro level, why can’t it happen on a macro level?

As author Chuck Missler pointed out in his book, “Cosmic Codes,” “For decades, science has chosen to ignore evidence that do not fit the standard theories. However, the volume of evidence has now reached the point that denial is no longer a viable option.”

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