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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Have you ever experienced having some personal objects, like keys, eyeglasses or ballpens disappear from where you left them, only to appear somewhere else in your home or office?

The first time this happens, you will probably think you only forgot where you placed them. But if this happens several times and is even witnessed by other persons, then the incident becomes scary.

But such incidents are neither uncommon nor mysterious.

People in general don’t usually talk about these things for fear of being called crazy or having Alzheimer’s disease.

I have had a number of such strange experiences. These things are usually the work of invisible creatures called “nature spirits” or “elementals.”

According to the 15th-century physician and alchemist Paracelcus, there are four types of nature spirits corresponding to the fundamental elements of earth, air, water and fire. The elementals of the earth include dwarves (elves, leprechauns and gnomes); those of air are sylphs or fairies; those of water include undines or sirens; and those of fire include salamanders that live in hot volcanic lava or fire. They all protect our natural environment and ensure ecological balance.

The creatures which make things disappear and place them elsewhere are usually mischievous and playful dwarves or elves. They are not really bad, but they can be irritating.

Nail clipper

I will relate here two of the many encounters I’ve had.

About three months ago, I was cutting my fingernails while seated in my swivel chair in front of my office desk. I momentarily stopped to answer a phone call and placed the nail clipper on my desk.

After putting down the phone, I was about to resume cutting my fingernails but could not find the nail clipper anywhere.

Then came Jenny, my massage therapist, who sat on the sofa about two meters from my desk. I joined her and was telling her about the lost nail clipper when, suddenly, she pointed to the swivel chair and said, “Is that the nail clipper you are looking for?”

Lo and behold—it was lying on top of the swivel chair seat. It couldn’t have been there before while I was sitting, because I surely would have felt it. So, who put it there and why?

The next incident happened only a few days ago. I went to the bank, located next to the building in my office on Legazpi Street in Makati, to have my two savings accounts converted to time deposits. Since one of the two is a joint account with my son, Jolan Alexander, I was told he needed to sign for the closing of our account. I was handed the brown envelope, where the bank officer placed the documents, together with my two bankbooks.

I took the envelope back to the office, where I placed it on the coffee table behind my desk. After a while, the bank called and said my son need not fill up those forms anymore. So I went back to the bank with the envelope containing the two bank books.

When I opened the envelope in front of the bank officer, the documents to be filled out were there, but not the two bankbooks. I called up my secretary to ask if they were in the office. She looked all over the place.

I returned to the office feeling irritated and frustrated. I told her again what happened in the bank. I was about to open the brown envelope to show her the bankbooks were not there, when she shouted, “Oh my God! There they are—your bankbooks!” They were under the aluminum chair beside the sofa where I was sitting. “I’m sure they weren’t there when I began talking to you.”

She was standing in front of me and could see clearly what was on the floor under the aluminum chair. Her hair stood on end as I picked up the two bankbooks and placed them inside the brown envelope.

When I told my son this story, he was skeptical. He said it’s just an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease!

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