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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A film director who is preparing a movie about the interaction between earthbound spirits and the living has sent me intriguing questions about ghosts:

“Is there a case of an earthbound spirit that came back to life?”

No, I haven’t heard of such a case. If it’s an earthbound spirit, then that person is already dead. Stories about individuals who have come back to life are called “near-death experience” (NDE), a term coined by Dr. Raymond Moody who was first to investigate such cases in the 1970s. Read his book “Life after Life” for details of his fascinating investigation of NDE.

“Is there a group that chases or helps earthbound spirits to cross over?”

There used to be such a group, but I’m not aware if it still exists. In the first place, why should one chase a spirit? For what purpose?

But there are mediums or spirits who help earthbound spirits to cross over. Many of them belong to the Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas and their many splinter groups. Our so-called faith healers also do this.

“Are there bad spirits that try to chase or recruit earthbound spirits to be part of their clique or group?”

I am not sure about this. What I know is there are bad spirits who have died, for instance, of vehicular accidents that cause other passing cars to meet accidents, too. These are called “accident-prone” places.

This pattern also happens in hospitals, as doctors and nurses have observed. There are rooms in hospitals where more patients die than in other rooms. I am not talking of ICU rooms alone.

“A friend who had an accident saw images of her younger years flash before her mind at the moment of the accident. Is this the so-called near-death experience?”

It is, indeed, very similar to what happens during NDE. But unless one is declared clinically dead and comes back to life, it is not by definition an NDE. However, it is possible for one’s life to be seen during serious illness or accidents.

Maybe, during such moments, the individual really died, but suddenly came back to life only seconds later.

According to one story I read, when Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment sitting under the Bodhi Tree, his 500 previous lives, beginning at his latest life, were paraded before him. And he realized what he did wrong and what he did right and their effects on other people.

“One article I read says that earthbound spirits appear like human beings. Can you expound on this?”

Of course they appear like human beings because they are human. How else would they appear—as monsters, or wolves or other wild animals? These happen only in horror movies and comic books. They are not true.

That’s why I don’t watch horror movies or read horror comics. The true-to-life stories are more exciting to me than anything that one can just make up or imagine.

“Do earthbound spirits have the power to touch objects or other people?”

At the beginning, such spirits may not be able to do so. But strong emotions or passions like jealousy or hatred or anger may enable them to do this.

If you recall the popular movie “Ghost” starring Patrick Swayze as the ghost and Demi Moore as his wife, there is a scene where he tries to touch his wife and other objects but can’t do so. His hands just go through walls and other material objects.

But later he meets an old ghost inside a train. And the old ghost kicks an empty can on the floor and it flies away. The ghost learns how to control his energy or slow down his vibration.

“From what I’ve read, the most obvious sign for spirits to cross over is the light. Is there any symbol or sign that the spirit is being fetched to cross over?”

Yes, a dying person can see spirits of dead relatives fetching him or her, and will often exclaim,” I can see my mama (or auntie) calling me to follow her.” There is a book about this, entitled “Parting Visions.”

Clairvoyants, or persons whose Third Eye is open, can see the light and the spirits of the dead fetching the dying person. Ordinary individuals cannot see these. That’s why they don’t believe such things really happen.

“What determines the frequency or dimension that spirits should go after life?”

The person’s state or level of consciousness.

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