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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Aerin Lauder’s latest floral fragrance line takes after her history and heritage.
Aerin Lauder’s latest floral fragrance line takes after her history and heritage.


It’s tricky to wear rose as a scent. Some brands either blend it into something so overpowering that our grandmothers wouldn’t approve, or reduce it into a bland top note that fades as soon as you step out the door.

But if there’s one brand I trust to make a rose-inspired scent collection, it’s Aerin. Founded by Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of legendary beauty mogul Estée Lauder, the lifestyle brand develops and brings together a curated range of beauty products, fashion accessories and home décor.

This time, Aerin’s latest rose fragrance line takes after her history and heritage—a love for beautiful gardens and her grandparents’ attachment to Bulgarian Rose (Estée) and scotch (her grandfather Joseph).

Aerin’s trio of scents showcase floral paradises around the world. While they all share a similar floral note, each one contains distinct flavors that trigger memories and influence dispositions.

“Roses are my favorite flower,” Aerin writes of the collection. “The scent alone relaxes, energizes, inspires me. My new Rose Eau de Colognes are a refreshing, effortless way to instantly create or change my mood.”


Clean, fresh scent

Inspired by the Aerinâs Garden on the eastern shores of Long Island, the Linen Rose Cologne is a clean, fresh scent that reminds you of lazing in bed, sunlight and a soft breeze streaming through the window.

Citrusy top notes of orange flower and lemon leaves revitalize the senses and complement a base mix of white Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, coconut water, Bulgarian rose absolute, Bulgarian rose oil and rose bouton. A warm blend of vanilla, amber and vetiver finishes it off.

The ambiance of strolling in the English countryside has been bottled in the Garden Rose Cologne—combining the fresh floral notes of white Bulgarian rose, full-bodied rose bulgare, and rose centifolia with the natural green notes of geranium. Warm notes of sandalwood, amber and musk complete the scent.

Hints of Kyotoâs mass gardens and Arashiyama bamboo grove are felt in Bamboo Rose Cologne. This everyday scent mixes white Bulgarian rose, Bulgarian rose absolute, rose infusion and rose centifolia with cool jasmine petals, Sicilian bergamot, Mandarin blossom and dewy green leaves.

A few spritzes leave lasting traces of a refreshing, airy scent that go well with sunny or rainy days.