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OCTOBER 27, 2022

It’s Halloween again! It’s that time of year when people and the mass media can’t think of anything new to scare people with.

I have actually promised myself not to write anything about ghosts, spirit communication and other supernatural topics during this period unless there’s something new I have not yet been asked . I was just too tired of hearing the same worn-out stories of ghostly encounters.

The popular places where ghosts are reportedly appearing and haunting the living are Teachers Camp, Diplomat Hotel and the cathedral in Baguio City, certain areas in New Manila (i.e., Balete Drive), Fort Santiago, Corregidor, Manila Film Center and Malacañang Palace.

Just when I thought I had already answered all possible questions about this topic, I recently received an e-mail from reader Jeremiah Roxas, with refreshingly new ones I’ve never been asked before. Here is his letter.

“I am one of the many readers of your column. Hopefully I can attend one of your sessions. I have a few questions about the paranormal and unseen entities.

“1. Do demons, ghosts and nature spirits sometimes fight each other, or do they have their own dimensions?

“2. Who is more powerful—demons, ghosts or nature spirits?

“3. I always hear from psychics that sometimes dead persons do not know that they are dead. How could this happen?

“I hope you can find time to enlighten us on this.”

Pure spirits

Dear Mr. Roxas,

Demons, ghosts and nature spirits belong to different orders of beings and, therefore, different dimensions.

By demons, I presume you mean those angels who rebelled against God as mentioned in the Bible. They are pure spirits who have never been human before. Lucifer or Satan is their leader. Ghosts are spirits of human beings, who have died and haunt the living. Nature spirits belong to the elemental kingdom.

Each of these beings has different powers suited to its nature. Whether they also fight each other, I am not so sure. But what I know is that demons and ghosts often fight for the souls of humans.

Who is more powerful among them is difficult to tell. Perhaps demons could be considered more powerful than ghosts of humans and nature spirits. But Christ has given man power over demons and evil spirits, has he not?

Concerning your third question, it is true that when a person dies a sudden death (for example, as a result of murder, heart attack or accident), his soul is in a state of shock. He may not be aware that he is already dead, and therefore will usually do what he used to do when he was alive. This may last for a short period, or it may take longer for him to realize he is dead.

Sometimes, it happens the dead person may be aware that he is already dead but may refuse to accept or admit it. And so he may haunt the living or the place he used to live in or work. It is a question of consciousness.

I hope this has been enlightening for you.

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