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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Arrange with the shorter vases and vessels in front.
Arrange with the shorter vases and vessels in front.

The summer heat demands cooler looks that can easily be achieved by grouping tranquil colors—like our blue and white jars teeming with fresh flowers.

No need to fill the jars with water that you’ll have to empty and replenish every other day. We’ll show you an easy way to elevate your style.

We used:
Blue and white vases and jars

The basics—don’t forget your fresh flowers!

Fresh flowers

Floral foam, soaked in water

Stick the flower stems into the floral foam

Small plastic bags (you can buy these in a roll for P30 at supermarkets)


Rubber bands

Cut your fresh flowers to the height of your vase, leaving three inches less.

Use a rubber band to hold your flowers together in a bunch. Cut your floral foam to size, to fit into the opening of your vase.

Place the foam inside the plastic bag. Push the bottom of stems into the floral foam from the open end of the bag.

Place in a plastic bag

Secure the ends of the plastic bag to the flowers using another rubber band.

Insert into the vase/jar. Arrange your vases, putting the shorter ones in front.

Tip: You may also use other color groupings, like green jars/vases, or all glass ones.

It is a grouping, so vessels should have a dominant common characteristic.