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OCTOBER 27, 2022

It’s 2018 and Botox shouldn’t be so new by now.

But for the uninitiated, here’s a brief background. Botox is short for botulinum toxin. It inhibits muscle activity hence it’s the best friend of people who don’t want frown lines or crow’s feet.

But don’t be fooled, though. Botox isn’t just used cosmetically. It is also used to treat muscle conditions and severe migraine.

Despite this, Botox remains one of the most popular noninvasive procedures. There are many different types of facial procedures these days, but Botox remains one of the top.

Even those who have never had it know of it. It’s so popular, it is now a pop-culture trope. Think about the many plotlines in sitcoms that involve the procedure, or how it’s a punch line or a “trait” associated with certain celebrities. There’s also a bit of taboo against it, even if it’s so popular, which just proves that people are intrigued by it, nonetheless.

Depending on different factors, a Botox treatment can last three to six months. By the time your muscle movement comes back, it’s up to you if you want to return to the doctor and get another dose.

Remember that not every single line on your face can be corrected. If your wrinkles are caused by the sun and other factors other than muscle movement, Botox isn’t the solution.

Now here’s my confession. I’ve had Botox, just not in the place you think I have had it. I get Botox in my armpits.

Weird? Not quite.


Medically speaking, Botox in your armpits is the norm for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition of excessive sweating.

Since Botox stops muscle activity, when applied in the armpits it stops sweat glands from doing their job.

If you’re not a fan of antiperspirants and if you just want a hassle-free life, Botox is a must-try.

Treatment is practically routine and can be done in 30 minutes. You won’t be worried about underarm sweat for a long time.

Aside from the savings on antiperspirants, you get so much freedom. During extremely hot days, you don’t need to worry about sweat especially when you’re active with exercise or just daily commitments.

You can try a lot of things fearlessly. Sleeveless tops? You’ll find yourself wearing them more often.

The standard for armpit Botox is 100 units or 50 units per armpit.

Make sure you’re being given the right amount of units by your doctor, any less affects the longevity.

When you get the procedure, you don’t have to think about pain. A topical numbing cream is applied and cold air is directed to the area to further desensitize it. You’ll just feel a very slight discomfort but it won’t be for long, especially if the clinic you’re at is good at what it does.

Remember, though, just like any other Botox procedure, the effects aren’t instantaneous. It takes about a week or two after treatment for the full effect to kick in.

So try to plan ahead when getting the procedure, especially if you’re heading to the beach or going on a trip abroad with a major walking tour. You don’t want to go deodorant-free when the Botox isn’t quite ready yet.


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