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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Can the dead communicate with the living?

The most obvious and commonly accepted answer is no. When a person dies, he is gone. We don’t know where he goes, and he is never heard from again. As Shakespeare said, “Death is an unknown territory from where no traveler ever returns.”

But wait! It’s not always true, for there are numerous cases in which the dead have successfully communicated with the living, and vice versa.

The Christian Bible itself has reported at least one case in which the dead conveyed a message to the living through a spirit medium or channel.

In Samuel 28:3-25, King Saul succeeded in summoning the spirit of the prophet Samuel through a female medium at Endor. The woman described the appearance of Samuel, which King Saul recognized. King Saul asked the spirit of the dead Samuel to answer his questions. Everything that Samuel told the king came true.

If the Bible itself maintains that it is possible for the living to receive messages from the afterlife, why is it that the modern Christian Church denies this, and even condemns the practice of contacting the dead?

I agree, however, that as a general rule, we should not talk to the dead or get messages from them, because we are disturbing their peace. That’s the mistake that King Saul and the woman of Endor made.

However, if the spirit of the dead manifests itself to the living in a strong, unmistakable way, for example, by showing itself to the living, or in some other tangible manner, then it is our duty to talk to the spirit to find out what it wants.

A spirit that manifests itself to the living means it has unfinished business which must be attended to. Otherwise that spirit remains earthbound and will continue to disturb the living until its message has been relayed to the person concerned.

There is a thin line that divides the living and the dead. There are people I’ve met who can see the dead, as if they were alive.

In his best-selling but controversial book, “The Dead are Alive (They Can Communicate with You),” American researcher and author Harold Sherman reported numerous and documented cases of spirit communication using various means. Sherman is himself psychic and is very sensitive to spirit energy or vibration.


I understand the skepticism and doubt of those who have never experienced spirit communication. A person who has never seen a ghost will not believe ghosts exist. A person who has never seen a fairy, or a dwarf or a kapre will never believe such creatures exist.

I myself never believed in the existence of ghosts and other invisible creatures, like elves and kapre, until I encountered them. I never believed our “soul” can temporarily leave our physical body without dying, until I experienced astral projection.

I never believed that the dead could communicate with the living until I myself experienced this on at least four different occasions, including one with the late President Marcos. The messages were confirmed by those for whom the messages were intended.

It is understandable to think this as impossible, but to deny completely that such things do not exist because one has not experienced, or seen any of these, is not logical.

If only mainstream scientists open their minds to the possible existence of spirits and other dimensions beyond the physical, sensory world, science will make faster and more remarkable progress.

There are multiple dimensions of reality that lie hidden from our senses and scientific instruments. To rely merely on our outer senses to gain knowledge of reality is to limit ourselves to the unbounded wonders of God’s creation.

As Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th century, said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

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