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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Pig lantern parade at Yu Yuan Garden in Shanghai ushers in the Lunar New Year. —AFP
Pig lantern parade at Yu Yuan Garden in Shanghai ushers in the Lunar New Year. —AFP


The popularity of the keto diet, essential oils and Marie Kondo may be brought about by the “earth energy” surrounding the outgoing Year of the Dog and the incoming Year of the Pig.


This is according to Princesse Lim-Fernandez, resident feng shui expert of Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony in New World Makati Hotel, where she will head “The Year of the Dazzling Earth Pig” Chinese New Year Eve party on Feb. 4.


“The earth energy is associated with the home—which is Mother Earth,” she said. “The past couple of years were fire and wood years, so the energy from 2014-2016 was fiery and dynamic. People are always on the go; it was always rah-rah-rah!”


Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony’s Garlic of Opportunity


Kinder year


Lim said we are entering the calmer “cycle of autumn and winter.” Year 2018 was all about personal growth and introspection. This practice of reflection will continue in 2019, but it is going to be more chill, since the Pig has “hidden water elements.”


Super asked for top tips on how to improve our luck for the Year of the Earth Pig.


  1. Go on a retreat. Apart from going on a vacation, Lim encourages us to go on a retreat or recollection, regardless of religion. Lay off the gadgets. Go on a digital detox during this “me time,” which is intended to guide one into achieving goals.


  1. Prioritize health. This is a basic but constant reminder. Since 2016, Lim shed off 50 lb under a doctor-supervised keto diet (the high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb “way of eating”). “Believe me, I’ve been overweight all my life; name it, I’ve tried it,” she said with a laugh.
Pig figurine in Hanoi —AFP


“People are now into crystals and oils for healing, too.” She attributes this collective mindfulness to the self-care aspect of the earth energy.


  1. Know your “secret sign.” The “BaZi calculator” is available for free on Lim’s website (ba means “eight,” and zi means “character” in Chinese). Input the time and date of your birth. The result would show a chart with four panels indicating your sign by time, day, month and year; your “secret sign” would be the day.


It’s a bit technical, but the important thing is to know your “day” which represents your personality. For example, people born in 1989 (Earth Snake) do not have the same luck as Taylor Swift. One may check out the readings for Year of the Snake as a general guide, but identify, too, your “secret sign” which has more impact on your personal luck.


  1. Declutter. “If you surround yourself with so much clutter and garbage, how can you think clearly?”
Feng shui expert Princesse Lim-Fernandez encourages keeping a piggy bank and wearing auspicious bracelets. —IRENE PEREZ



In the KonMari method, one keeps stuff that “sparks joy.” In feng shui, it is holding on to things that “resonates” something special.


  1. Purge that contact list. This includes unfriending and unfollowing on social media exes and negative people who pull you down and make you anxious.


Her general rule: “If you can positively contribute to each other, it’s a good relationship, but if you’re both bringing each other down, there’s something wrong.”


  1. Forgive. Remember that “you don’t have to be best friends with them.” “Forgiving is emotional decluttering,” and it is necessary to let go of “past grudges, issues and perceived issues” to make way for positive vibes.


  1. Keep a piggy bank. Find a nice one, fill it up and deposit the money once it’s full, as a reminder to prepare and save. Can we name the piggy? “Yes!” Lim said. “Every time you put money in, say, ‘Piggy, help me build my fortune.” Well, if Marie Kondo can talk to clothes, we can probably keep a fortune “pet” for the Year of the Earth Pig.
Kai Fu Brass to enhance wealth luck



Visit www.yinandyangshopofharmony.com.

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