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OCTOBER 27, 2022

There seems to be no end to the mysteries and strange happenings that people experience  on earth. These questions were sent to me by readers:

“We are four school friends  who’d do regular lunches. One of my friends died of cancer, leaving only three of us to do lunch. At one such lunch, we talked about her, as usual.

“After lunch, we went to the restroom. Entering the restroom, my friend, who was walking right beside me, let out a scream while staring at me. This was because, as she looked at me, she saw clearly my friend’s face superimposed on my profile. So, instinctively, she called my dead friend’s name, as if she was around.

“How do you explain that? Was she just imagining it? But she really didn’t have time to imagine, because we were all busy chatting and laughing, when in a split second she spotted my friend’s image on my profile.”

This is not so difficult to explain. You see, when you think of or call a spirit of the dead, the spirit comes. This is especially true of the spirits of the recently departed.

But even if the person has been dead a long time, his or her spirit may still be around if he or she is earthbound.

The Christian belief that the spirit of the dead stays on earth for only 40 days after death is not true. This belief must have originated in ancient Greece or Egypt.

It has been reported, for example, that Elvis Presley could sometimes still be seen in Memphis, Tennessee, and Johnny Weissmuller, the first to play Tarzan, could still be heard thumping his chest and shouting like Tarzan in his old apartment in New York.

The dead are closer to us than we think. When we invoke a spirit, that spirit comes.

 Loud thud

“The other night, around 3 a.m., I was awakened by a loud thud coming from the corner of my room. I got out of bed to see what it was. It was my big, rather heavy throw pillow that apparently fell to the ground, as if from nowhere.

“I found that very strange— because that throw pillow was at the opposite end of my room, and nobody had brought it there.

“The following night, I slept with the lights and TV on. Was it a poltergeist? Our maids claim that during the day, when we are out of the house, they hear footsteps upstairs, in our bedrooms, or they would hear their names being called out. But nobody was there.

“Does one coexist with poltergeists in the house? How do you drive them out?”

This may come as a surprise to many, but most houses are occupied by spirits without our being aware of them. They don’t make noise, nor bother the living. They are just there. They may be relatives who have long died but are still here on earth, or those who may have lived in that house before you did.

They are completely harmless and need not be exorcised or driven away. Often, simple but sincere prayers will help them to move on. Sometimes offering a Mass for them is all that’s needed.

It is quite obvious there are spirits in your house, but you don’t have to be scared of them. They don’t seem to mean you harm. They just want to be recognized or acknowledged as  there. It is when spirits become a nuisance or scary, when they physically manifest themselves or touch you, that it is time to call an exorcist or spiritist to get rid of them.

“Do soulmates recognize each other from previous lifetimes? How? I read the book, ‘The Soul Has Memory.’ It’s fiction, of course, but it traces how two soulmates somehow manage to recognize each other through various reincarnations.”

Yes, this is one of the characteristics of a soulmate encounter, instant recognition, but this recognition is on a soul level, not on the mental or emotional level. In fact, your intellect or emotion may even reject such a recognition, especially if such feelings are against the norms of society or one’s religion.

You see, we seldom meet a person by accident, for the soul never forgets. When it is time for soulmates to meet, they will meet, no matter how apart they may be.

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