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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Fresh pineapple juice

On these hot summer days, nothing is more refreshing than a tall glass of ice-cold fresh fruit juice. The key here is fresh—straight from the fruit, not from the can.

It’s easier to make fresh fruit juice than you think—but first you have to peel and slice the fruit, which can be rather challenging.

To make fresh pineapple juice, for instance, you have to handle its rough and spiky exterior, not to mention its prickly crown.

Experts tell us that the best way to peel a fresh pineapple is to cut off the crown first with a very sharp knife. Then slice off part of the bottom to create a base that will allow the pineapple to stand firmly on a cutting board.

Holding the top of the pineapple with one hand, cut off the skin, starting from the top to the bottom and making sure to remove the row of “eyes.” Once you’ve removed the “eyes,” check for any remaining peel or eyes and remove these with a paring knife. Slice the pineapple into circles, and from there you can cut them into chunks.

There are other ways to peel and slice a fresh pineapple, some easier or more complicated than others. Whichever method you choose, you’ll find your efforts worthwhile. This golden fruit is full of sweetness and nutrients.

Not to denigrate the canned variety but fresh pineapple juice has so much more flavor, body and fiber than the canned. You’ll notice the difference from the first sip.

Here’s a recipe for fresh pineapple fruit juice.


Fresh pineapple juice


Fresh pineapple juice

2 c fresh pineapple chunks (from fresh pineapple)
1 c ice-cold water (with a few ice chips)
½ c sugar, or to taste

To garnish:
Thinly sliced pineapple chunks
Maraschino cherries
Cocktail toothpicks

In an electric blender, combine the pineapple chunks, ice water and sugar. Process on medium speed until smooth and frothy. Pour into two tumblers or four small glasses.

Thread thinly sliced pineapple chunks and cherries on to cocktail toothpicks and use them to garnish the beverages.
Makes two tumblers or four small glasses of fresh pineapple juice.

Make the presentation of the drinks more interesting by serving them in pineapple shells, as shown in the photo.

Pineapples are harvested ripe. Once picked, they don’t ripen further. Make sure to choose pineapples that smell sweet and are slightly soft.

If the fresh pineapple is very sweet, use less sugar.

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