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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Liposuction, when done right, is a 360-degree experience
Three-dimensional beauty: Jinkee Pacquiao before and after treatment
Liposuction, when done right, is a 360-degree experience
Three-dimensional beauty: Jinkee Pacquiao before and after treatment

What I love about being in the beauty industry is how there’s a never-ending well of new information. This educates you on how beauty and building your best self are beyond skin-deep. It’s also about appreciating the science behind our bodies.

Belo Medical Group recently oriented me on their Belo 360° liposuction. This service is exclusively done in the Philippines by Belo. They are the first to introduce it, as well, continuously perfecting their method, satisfied only with what makes the patient happy.

The Belo 360° approach to liposuction is quite genius, and shows their sincere understanding of the human body.

As we are three-dimensional, eliminating fat isn’t just about your tummy or the front area. It’s about creating the perfect symmetry to get that hour-glass shape.

Belo 360° liposuction is their signature method of fat removal that’s not just limited to one area. The procedure is done in a circumferential manner, so the parts around the problem area are also targeted. What you get is a streamlined look.

Balanced and toned

Arm liposuction is done so there is no inconsistency in how you look. Everything looks balanced and toned. Think about when you wear a corset. You make your abdominal area smaller, but it pushes up your breasts and hips. So to achieve that same effect, you need something more than the usual liposuction. It’s all about body sculpting and taking the time to do it, with a trained eye.

The procedure is very safe, as lasers are used to melt the fat first. Afterward, the fat is suctioned out of the body. Since they use only expert skill and tiny instruments, you are left with only the tiniest of scars.

It doesn’t stop there. At Belo, making something beautiful is only done with time and patience. It’s also about attention to detail. It’s not enough that you eliminate the stubborn fat. You must also care for the stretched skin.

Liposuction, when done right, is a 360-degree experience
Korina Sanchez (with Derek Ramsay) shows off the sculpted look of liposuctioned arms. —PHOTOS COURTESY OF BELO MEDICAL

The Belo Bodytite procedure is added on after the liposuction. This takes care of the loose skin so your new figure is picture-perfect.

Results are seen immediately. But it gets better; the treated area continues to become smaller as the skin contracts even more and the swelling goes down during the recovery period. In just three months, the best results are seen.

What makes this entire process even more amazing is how it’s something Belo has perfected over the years. As of today, they’ve done this for 36,835 patients. You can tell it’s popular because it’s effective and safe.

Add to this how the 28-year experience of the Belo Medical Group assures that their patients are given only the best service. They look after each and every patient, suggesting and doing procedures tailor-fit to each and every patient’s needs.

Beauty is so diverse, after all. And if you ask the Belo Medical Group, it’s a 360° journey.


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