Spotlight: The upbeat, quirky style of Fumiya Sankai | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Photo via @23shun_base on Instagram

Fumiya Sankai is now officially part of Pinoy Big Brother‘s Big Night—which is a thing among certain circles, and now yours too, dear reader.

According to a report by Bandera, people love the Japanese vlogger for the “kindness, positivity, and discipline he exhibited inside the Big Brother house.”

Another reason to love the dude is for his on-point fits. Let’s talk about some of those stellar style hits.

Fig. 1: Here Fumiya is seen rocking perhaps the single most important update your wardrobe needs: the multi-pocket vest.

Photo via @23shun_base on Instagram

Fig 2: My prodigious Googling skills seem to evade me at this late hour, but I’m sure there exists a photo of Edward Gorey wearing a yellow shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers, and maybe a fur coat. I recently got a Post-It yellow shirt myself, to invoke this style memory. Fumiya knows what’s up.

Photo via @23shun_base on Instagram

Fig. 3: Nothing really incredibly special about this moment, except that it looks cozy AF. That should be rule number one.

Photo via @23shun_base on Instagram

Fig. 4: What’s great about this fit is that it’s deceptively monochromatic. Black and navy make for a sharp but easy palette. Also digging the Adidas Campus in that fresh indigo.

Photo via @23shun_base on Instagram

Fig 5: Lowest ask on StockX on the Kith x Versace sweater is $600. If you’re not willing to skip rent and risk eviction, it’s okay, because the greater lesson here isn’t to embrace logomania, but getting the right bagginess in the bag. —JG

Photo via @23shun_base on Instagram



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