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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Inquirer columnist Randy David’s piece, “The smell of illness,” in the the paper’s Nov. 17 issue caught my attention and interest.

In the article, Mr. David narrated the story of a Scottish former nurse, Joy Milne, who could smell Parkinson’s Disease long before it manifests physically. Her story was featured in the German magazine Spiegel Online, which David had read. This rare ability is called hyperosmia, according to the magazine.

But there’s another name for it in the psychic and parapsychological literature.

Many years ago, I remember a young man who attended my Basic ESP and Intuition Seminar. During a psychic exercise where he had to work with a partner he had never met before, he discovered that he could tell the disease his partner was suffering from by its smell.

He did not know this before. Even if he had a cold, he could tell, which means this ability is not a purely physical or accidental thing. Because of this psychic ability, we called him “The Nose.”

In my years of conducting ESP seminars, I have encountered only two students who had such an ability.

There is a name for each of this heightened sense perception. For example, the ability to see things (like ghosts), which are not normally visible to ordinary sight, is called clairvoyance. The ability to feel subtle energy of people is called clairsentience. And the heightened ability to smell things which may not yet be physically present is called clairolfaction.

Not supernatural

There are some highly sensitive and psychically developed individuals who can do such things effortlessly. These are really forms of psychic ability or power. They are neither supernatural, nor are they hallucination or imagination.

And why is it possible to sense the presence of an illness before it manifests on the physical place?

The reason is not hard to find. It has long been known by psychics, shamans and spiritists around the world that before anything exists on the physical plane, it must first exist on the spiritual and mental planes. And so, before sickness manifests in the physical body, it already exists in the spiritual and mental planes. This is because the physical is the last to manifest in the order of creation.

As the American psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce used to say, “The mind is the builder, the physical is the result.” The spiritual and mental planes are in the realm of causes, while the physical is in the realm of effects.

Some psychics can detect ailments in the aura of an individual before it manifests on the physical body. And that’s why Kirlian photography, which was developed by Russian photographer Semyon Kirlian to see the human aura, can detect the onset of illness before it manifests in the physical level.

Expectedly, Kirlian photography’s ability to do this is disputed by mainstream scientists. This obviously needs further research to validate its reliability.

I am certain that through more practice, Joy Milne can detect diseases other than Parkinson’s before they manifest in the physical body. Because before a person gets sick physically, he or she is already sick spiritually and mentally.

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