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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Ever since H&M’s newest swimwear line featuring Nadine Lustre and Maja Salvador went public earlier this month, I’ve been getting a bunch of questions regarding how Nadine got bikini-body ready. She looks fantastic in all the suits, so I’m not surprised why inquiring minds want to know.

I started training Nadine a little over a year ago with the guidance of Gib Osbert Ang, the head trainer at ProMedia Productions. ProMedia produces fitness, beauty, and entertainment events, wherein I am currently the director of operations. I tend to be more hands-on when it comes to our fitness arm. Coach Gib and I help notable celebrities like Nadine stay fit and strong.

In light of that, I often get asked about Nadine’s nutrition and fitness program. More often now that H&M’s new Swim Essential collection selected by Nadine and Maja have hit the stores. I figured it’s about time I answer some of the most frequent questions:

How long did Nadine prepare for this campaign?

Nadine has made fitness a part of her lifestyle. Because she works out regularly, not only does this habit make her quite healthy and fit, it also makes sure she always looks great in a bikini any time of the year.

I’d like to think Nadine didn’t specifically prepare for the H&M shoot, but rather, she was always prepared for it.

How often does Nadine exercise?

Nadine does strength training sessions up to three to four times a week, but it depends on her work schedule, which is often pretty hectic. We typically try to get a weights workout in every other day, which allows for a rest day in between for her to recover before her next session fully.

On top of the weights, I encourage Nadine to walk a lot every day, and that counts as her cardio. In short, she gets her blood flowing with some sort of exercise daily.

What kind of workouts does she do?

Coach Gib and I customize her workouts specifically for her body structure. Nadine is naturally long and lean, so that means we aim for muscle building and toning. We do that by doing split training—this is the kind of weight training wherein we focus on a specific body part or area per session. Then we switch to another body part on the next day rather than doing full-body workout sessions.

This ensures we work out that body part to its full extent, and it has time to rest before returning to that part. Nadine’s spilt training looks like this:

Day 1 – Glutes, abs, and shoulders
Day 2 – Glutes, abs, back and rear shoulders
Day 3 – Glutes, abs, and chest
*Then go back to Day 1 and just repeat the cycle

This is a general guide, of course. We often adjust her workouts on the fly, depending on how she is feeling and her current activities. For example, if she’s doing a lot of dance rehearsals or is lacking sleep, we’ll adjust accordingly. It’s essential to listen to the body.

What are the plans for Nadine’s fitness?

Nadine naturally has a long and lean body type, but she loves curves and the athletic look. With this in mind, I would say that is the goal for now—getting stronger and curvier. This is on top of keeping her as healthy, energetic, and in tip-top shape as possible. I always instill in everyone I train that health comes first, and then aesthetics will follow. This is even more important in current pandemic times. Nadine is an excellent example of that.

One final note…

Many of the questions asked were mainly focused on her workouts, but it’s imperative to mention that Nadine’s svelte body is achieved through a well-balanced diet also. Athlete’s Bite prepares her meals—the meal-prep service that makes sure her meals are tailored to fit her workout program, lifestyle, and nutritional needs.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen”? Well, that’s ninety-five percent true. We all have abdominal muscles, but whether or not you are lean enough, wherein the naked eye will see those ab lines, dramatically depends on long-term good diet choices.

Nutrition plays a massive role in overall health, and also, in looking great in that summer swimsuit.

For the best tips to keep your body beach-ready, check out my previous article: How to have a bikini-ready body—always!



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