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OCTOBER 27, 2022

What does it take for millennials to survive and thrive at this day and age? Our current situation may be as daunting as it is uncertain, but we millennials have always been known to adapt and persevere regardless of the challenges that life throws our way.

Even if our YOLO mindset was put on hold by the very real threat of the pandemic, we still strive to pursue a life filled with meaning, creativity, and fun—all these while stuck inside the four walls of our homes.

So while we are all treading this new normal and staying indoors for the unforeseeable future, we tend to have a variety of feelings and moods, like any true millennial. On some days, we might feel very productive and cross out all the things that need to be done. Sometimes, we may feel overwhelmed with all of it. There will also be days when we feel restless and impatient.

The mood we’re feeling at the moment usually dictates the kind of food we want to eat to keep us going through our endless days at home. Good thing we have CDO Chicken Franks’ home-style sarap of juicy and meaty tender cuts of chicken to satisfy whatever food mood we’re in.

Outside the box

As the generation that grew up alongside technology, we millennials are innovative and efficient in our ways, always thinking out of the box in order to get things done. We are not afraid to take risks, especially if we have a particular goal in mind. We set our sights towards a brighter future, while staying grounded enough to know that hard work is the key towards it.

Our out-of-the-box thinking also lets us explore creative ways to change up our usual food favorites. When we’re in the mood for something new, we can transform our regular burrito by using CDO Chicken Franks, fresh vegetables, and our favorite dressing. Wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla and it’s already a complete meal on its own.

Struggling to juggle

We millennials are multi-taskers, always struggling to juggle everything on our plate—from our never-ending virtual meetings to overseeing our kids’ online classes and assignments, to even making sure that we have less carbon footprint than the generations that have come before us. Because of this trait, we naturally get burned out from time to time, which makes us want to tune out anything and everything and just focus on our center.

On days like this, we’re in the mood for something quick and simple to eat just to help us get through the day. We don’t want the hassle of preparing, but we do want to make sure it’s good enough to satiate our taste buds. Try making a classic hotdog bun using CDO Chicken Franks, top it with the condiments of your choice, and pair it with a glass of soda. It’s the perfect hearty meal when our hearts are tired.

Channeling our restlessness

Previous generations have described our lot as achievement-oriented, which really only means we constantly push ourselves to reach greater and bigger dreams. Whether it be in business, in relationships, or in our careers, we are always driven to pursue our life goals. But because of this same mindset, we tend to feel impatient when things are not going our way.

One of the ways we can channel our restlessness is by preparing unique and fun meals for ourselves and our loved ones. When we’re in the mood for a snack that will fuel our restless minds, there’s CDO Chicken Franks Corndog. You can deep fry these franks coated in your pre-mixed batter and watch as your worries sizzle away.

We go through all these moods and feelings on a regular basis as millennials, and it only goes to show just how versatile we can truly be—just like CDO Chicken Franks. Bring home this home-style sarap today and discover the many ways you can enjoy its juicy and meaty chicken cuts.

CDO Chicken Franks and all CDO products aren’t just crafted to be delicious and satisfying, they are also made under strict quality and safety standards. Every CDO product that comes to you has been inspected and cleared by the National Meat Inspection Service and registered under the Food and Drug Administration. Quality inspection is also done by a third-party company. Safety and quality will always be part of the CDO identity so that you are assured that only the best products reach your table.

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