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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I received recently an email from a reader, Peter C:

“My maid says she can see spirits, and that there are spirits everywhere. She said she has worked in 10 different houses and they all had spirits.

Sometimes the spirits will make some noise, knock on the door just for fun. Is it true that some people can see spirits and that they can play with us?”

Well, Peter, I am afraid that your maid is correct. Most houses are inhabited by various types of spirits, not only spirits of the dead but also nature spirits or elementals. It is also true some sensitive people can see spirits and communicate with them. These people are called mediums or channels of the spirit.

Most spirits that inhabit houses are quiet and harmless. One will not even know that they are around. It is only when these spirits begin to cause fear or disturbance in the house that they should be exorcised or driven away.

It is possible that spirits are following your maid wherever she goes without her knowing it. Such spirits are usually harmless. They may even be her spirit guides.

Spirits that make noises, knock on doors or move objects in the house are called “poltergeist” ghosts. It is a German word which means “noisy.”

Unfinished business, message

Why are spirits still in the house of living people? Usually because they have unfinished business with the living, or a message they wish to convey.

Until this is done, these spirits will continue to haunt the living until they can find a channel or medium to whom they can pass on the message.

Otherwise, they will forever remain earthbound. They are unable to ascend to higher dimensions in the spirit world.

Because most people cannot see spirits of dead people or elementals, their existence is doubted by many, specially the scientific-minded.

There are individuals, usually women, who can see and even communicate with spirits of the dead and elementals. They are called clairvoyants, mediums or channels of the spirit.

We should therefore not be afraid of spirits, because most of them are harmless. They may even be deceased family members who are still earth-bound because of some unfinished business.

If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, you may read my book, “Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Ghosts,” hopefully still available in bookstores. INQ

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