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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli, Sea Princess, Direk Rowell Santiago and Michelle Zenarosa of Swatch
Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli, Sea Princess, Direk Rowell Santiago and Michelle Zenarosa of Swatch

Especially this year, time is what you make of it. I am one of those who believe that the best gift you could ever give someone you love is time. If that person is already bejeweled and super stylish, then time is more so the best gift.

That’s why this December, I choose to celebrate the happiest season of the year with the gift of time, plus joy, laughter and happiness, spread out to as many as have been affected by all the unbelievable catastrophes of 2020!

Swatch has been one of Red Charity Gala’s generous sponsors for many years, and it is my favorite watch, especially for Christmas gifts for all my inaanak and relatives. Nowadays, everyone checks the time on mobile phones, but Swatch is still a cool and easy thing to wear because it’s hip, stylish, affordable and durable. Plus, this cheerful timepiece is a fashion statement on its own; the styles suit every personality.

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli and their dog

Before the pandemic, Swatch launched their Year of Rat watch with lots of fanfare and merriment. Since then, they’ve had to hold off the rest of the new model launch parties, and I thought there wouldn’t be another until next year.

After the extremely lengthy quarantine, I was thrilled to finally host a real launch event at Swatch Greenbelt 5 to showcase the newest collections. Leave it to Swatch grande dame Virgie Ramos to still celebrate this holiday season and spread joy and laughter. After several Zoom meetings, on-site inspections and strict safety protocols, Swatch Season’s Special HoHoOuch watch was physically launched at Greenbelt 5 with all guests still in the virtual world.

Matteo Guidicelli and Sea Princess

All guests received Tita Virgie’s special SwatchxMas gift boxes and joined the games while enjoying videos and other surprises. I was happy to be at the Swatch Greenbelt 5 store surrounded by the colorful, glittering and fashionable watches.

Swatch poster boy Matteo Guidicelli and I hosted the media launch as we showcased the different collections—Swatch Holiday Collection, Swatch Big Bold Sparkles, Swatch Big Bold Chrono Checkpoint Golden and Swatch December Collection. This festive collection has the theme “Santa Crash Landing,” and the Swatch Philippines team created a unique and interactive installation at the Swatch building. This incredible installation was creatively done by Cyndi Fernandez of Moss Design House. People can actually climb the ladder and take a selfie with Santa at the façade.

Jojie Dingcong, Pops Fernandez, Robin Nievera, Matteo Guidicelli, Martin Nievera and Gitri San Diego

As a special surprise, Swatch had their very own St. Nicholas crash landing on our shores. “Santa” happened to be the fittest one ever—maybe due to his pandemic workouts all these months.

Vitamins and clean air

Health is wealth, so apart from the Swatch presents, I will be giving gifts that promote good health and generate clean, bacteria-free air. As our strong immune system is our best defense from this deadly virus, I will be giving Usana Poly C vitamins and other supplements to increase well-being.

BactaKleen Big Fog purifier with humidifier

Just before the lockdown in February, I was able to attend the big Usana Cebu Kick Off 2020, where I was introduced to Usana president Kevin Guest and chief sales officer David Mulham. It was great to see the Usana family in Cebu.

I was only able to see Leeo Onanad, Usana marketing supervisor, last month when I renewed my Usana contract. We signed it between taping for the new show of Johnny Litton by Jayelles PH called “OhNLINE It’s Johnny” on Facebook. Episode 8 aired yesterday, so check it out on your mobile device.

Franco and Ayen Laurel with Big Fog humidifier

The virus is airborne, so we need to make sure the air we breathe is clean and safe. I discovered BactaKleen Philippines (; @BactakleenPh on Facebook and Instagram) during the pandemic. Their newest product is Big Fog series, its newest addition to the CleanAIR Quality campaign. The air purifier with humidifier is made especially for homes and other personal spaces up to 50 square meters.

Top benefits of the Big Fog series include helping relieve congestion and cough, keeping plants healthier, and even protecting wood furniture. The unit counteracts the effects of dry harsh air by adding essential, cool moisture to any room. It also reduces static electricity.

Filipino flavors

What’s Christmas without some drinks? Check out the DIY liquor kits that my inaanak Kai Yulo concocted—Sahan (; on Instagram), Filipino flavors, organic ingredients, and all for a good cause. For every Sahan kit purchased, we send a learning kit to a child in need in partnership with Teach for the Philippines.

Kai told me all about her new product when we taped for a future episode of Raul Manzano’s “EIC On The Move” for It was great to catch up with my relatives in beautiful Tagaytay Highlands where the weather is getting cooler.

Sahan DIY Pasko cocktails

Kai told me that Sahan was created to celebrate farming, organic produce and Filipino flavors in a way that inspires young people to be more curious. With Sahan, the youth can connect with our land, our people and planet earth.

Kai added that this is also one of the reasons she chose to work with Teach for the Philippines for her advocacy. She wants to empower the youth, and these school kits are a way to help them continue their studies from home, in spite of the pandemic and the challenges that come with distance learning.

Sahan is an all-woman team, all at different life stages, but united by the same vision, and a feminine energy that carries everyone forward and empowers everything they do. In short, women with different superpowers.

Usana marketing supervisor Leeo Onanad and Sea Princess

The DIY cocktails are Biyahe, composed of Manille Liqueur de Calamansi, butterfly pea and lemongrass nectar, Baguio lemon, and garnished with an assortment of seasonal edible flowers; and Pasko, made of Manille de Liqueur de Dalandan, our local cinnamon and galangal nectar, Baguio lemon, garnished with nasturtium and a cinnamon stick. INQ

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Sea Princess, Kai Yulo and Raul Manzano
Raul Manzano, Kai Yulo and Sea Princess
Usana family: Duday Gaston, host Phoebe Fernandez, David Mulham, Sea Princess, president and CEO Kevin Guest, and Misagh Bahadoran
“OhNLINE It’s Johnny” show of Johnny Litton
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