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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Brothed offers different programs, according to preferences and needs.

Brothed is a set of beef bone, chicken and vegetable broths. Angela Perez-Rubio Palanca turned to bone broth to alleviate her digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and weight fluctuations. Taking a proactive approach to her condition, she researched and learned that gut health played a significant role in achieving overall wellness.

“I realized that the major cause of these symptoms was a ‘leaky gut,’ where gaps in the intestinal walls allow bacteria and toxins to pass into the bloodstream, causing an immune response as well as an imbalance of gut flora,” Angela said.

Knowing what she did, she headed to the kitchen to churn out pot after pot of bone broth—a source of nourishment, regarded as a “tonic” of sorts, since ancient times.

By letting food be her medicine, Angela found her cure. “Bone broth addressed the issues by sealing gaps in the intestinal wall, restoring balance in the gut.”

It took a while for Angela to perfect the long and tedious cooking process, but it was all worth her while as she noticed significant improvements in her symptoms.

Feeling as good as she did, Angela started giving out her “elixir” to family and friends, who also felt a renewed sense of well-being.

Hooked on “feeling good,” people began ordering, and Brothed was launched in 2020, with her signature beef bone broth. Shortly after, Angela introduced chicken and vegetable broth to give her clients more flavor options.

Brothed has made healthy eating sustainable, tasty, reasonably priced, and easy to prepare.

Bone broth can be had as a healthy snack, a side dish and as stock for cooking. The high doses of collagen, glycine, calcium, and other nutrients are so beneficial to the body.

As an added service to clients, every purchase comes with a flier that details the many benefits and possibilities in every cup.

Bone broth has been considered a tonic since ancient times.

For those who are seeking to detoxify, reset the appetite and the palate, Brothed offers guided cleanses to help customers decide what suits them most.

Nourished and satisfied

I have been enjoying Brothed for dinner, though shamefully making it less healthy by seasoning it with sea salt, pepper, adding vegetables and sometimes shredded pieces of chicken or ground beef and even fideos to it. Yet, with all my additives, I still feel light, pleasantly full, nourished and satisfied.

Can we entice you with a bone broth cleanse to help curb cravings for sweets, detoxify the body and lose weight?

Here are some of Angela’s suggested programs.

Three-Day Program: This involves taking five servings of bone broth throughout the day for three days while cutting carbs and sugar.

For those who want to jumpstart weight loss and get benefits of a long fast such as deep detoxification, stabilizing blood sugar levels, resetting hormones, resetting the appetite, and restoring a good gut flora balance.

Difficulty Level: Hard

You will need 15 tubs.

The Beginner’s Program: This involves building up toward a full-day cleanse with three consecutive days of meal replacements or replacing one meal a day with broth, a full day cleanse on the fourth day, and another three days of meal replacement to complete.

Perfect for first timers, this regimen provides a gradual building up towards a full-day cleanse and is the easiest to follow.

Brothed offers different programs, according to preferences and needs.

Days 1–3: Meal replacement; Day 4: One-day cleanse; Days 5-7: Meal replacement

Difficulty Level: Moderate

You will need 10 tubs.

One-Day Program: This involves taking four to five servings of bone broth for one day while cutting carbs and sugar.

For those who want to get a start on weight loss, break a cycle of unhealthy eating and get the benefits of a short fast such as stabilizing blood sugar levels, reset the appetite, and some detoxification.

You will need five tubs.

Five-Day Meal Replacement: This involves substituting bone broth for one meal a day over five consecutive days (preferably dinner).

For those who are new to cleansing or prefer to go at a slower (but steady) pace for weight loss. This is a great way to give your body a consistent dose of nutrients like collagen, Omega 3, glutamine, vitamins A and K, manganese, potassium, and other trace minerals.

Difficulty Level: Easy

You will need five tubs.

For orders, call or text (0917) 853-8365, @brothedph on Instagram

Before starting any program, it is best to seek the advice of a physician or a qualified healthcare provider.; @iamreggieaspiras on IG and FB

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