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OCTOBER 27, 2022

COVID-19 changed the health and fitness industry. Fitness will never be the same again. For almost the past two years, we’ve been forced to resort to online sessions in all aspects of our daily tasks- work, school, socials, financial tasks, religion, food, and fitness.

Most people are fully vaccinated, so some fitness facilities are reopening, along with the resumption of recreational activities. Online fitness sessions will still stay as most people are so used to doing home workouts. Our current situation calls for a more flexible approach: the hybrid fitness model. It includes both online and in-person fitness training.

How can hybrid fitness work for you? Here are some ideas on how to start your hybrid workout sessions.

Your home fitness routine

Working out at home has become a habit for you because of convenience, accessibility, practicality, and effectiveness. We are still unsure of what will happen in the near future, so it’s best to stick to a home workout that you truly enjoy for 20 to 60 minutes at least twice a week. It can be your regular online live Zoom classes, on-demand fitness workout, and YouTube dance routines. You can then explore other workout options available outside in addition to your basic lifestyle routines.

Outdoor workouts

Combine your home strength and core sessions with outdoor cardio training.  Aside from the physical benefits of outdoor training, it can positively affect mental health by improving your stress level and mood. Explore outdoor activities once again like hiking, brisk walking, running, cycling, or circuit training with a coach while being aware of the basic COVID-19 safety protocols like wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and hand washing. 

My Sunday morning run training


My outdoor plyometric training with Armand

I started with occasional outdoor cycling early this year, which is relaxing and very pleasant to the senses. Two months ago, I started to run outdoors again with my husband every Sunday morning. We are now incorporating a few minutes of bodyweight exercises and plyometric training right after the run session. Returning to outdoor fitness habits always gives me that excitement to reminisce about my past exercise training. At the same time, it makes me hopeful about new fitness options that will be available soon.

Going back to the gym

Choose a gym that practices strict and safe standards. Visit the gym during non-peak hours. Wear an exercise mask and bring your towel. You can still workout with a personal trainer but avoid physical contact while training. Frequently sanitize your hands and practice social distancing inside the gym. Make it a habit to sanitize exercise equipment that you use after every use.

The treadmill set-up at Kerry Sports Manila

Three weeks ago, we stayed at Shangri-la Manila at The Fort for a couple of nights, our very first staycation after almost two years, to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We were able to use the hotel’s fitness gym, Kerry Sports Manila. It was such a great experience to workout in a big gym once again. Luckily, I was able to use the huge group fitness studio alone while teaching some of my Zoom workout classes. I also used the treadmill for a quick run and observed how they strategically positioned the treadmills, with hand sanitizers in between the machines.

Boutique fitness studios

Selfie after joining a Rise Nation class

Two weeks ago, I joined a couple of classes at Rise Nation (an intense 30-minute full-body workout using a Versa Climber), one of the latest boutique studios that opened only months before the pandemic. It was my first time to join a live class after almost 20 months. It felt terrific to exercise again with other people, moving all-out to the beat of the music with a pumped instructor. We were wearing masks, and social distancing was observed during the class. The experience made me more excited to teach a live indoor cycling class once again at Electric Studio, which I believe is happening soon.

Most studios will offer in-studio classes and retain the online business model to respond to clients’ needs. Having more workout options (in-person and online) plays a significant role in one’s exercise sustainability. 

If you join a class inside a boutique fitness studio, you need to wear an exercise mask, bring your ID and vaccination card, towel, hand sanitizer, and water bottle. Don’t stay too long inside the studio for chats and group photos. Do not exert too much effort, especially if you are not used to wearing a mask. It is essential to consult with your medical doctor first if you intend to join an intense workout, especially if you have health issues.

Travel workouts

Hybrid fitness training can be done even while you are away from home. I know some people who will travel this December and are still persistent in exercising even while on vacation. You can continue your fitness routines and still burn your target calories even while away by continuing your online workout sessions, doing outdoor activities like hiking, and trying exercise studios that practice safe workout protocols. Invest in a fitness tracker so you can still monitor your physical activity, calorie burn, and intensity.

Hybrid fitness can also open new opportunities for a fitness coach like me.  I see myself traveling again, exploring different places, but at the same time working by attending to my online one-on-one personal training and group fitness clients while opening the possibility of offering in-person classes at the same time.


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