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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Almost every day, I routinely have a heavy lunch before noon to be fully digested by the time I play badminton in the afternoon. I need to load up on the energy I’ll need for the workout.

Almost every day, my plan is to gorge myself for lunch and skip dinner to make up. As I tell readers, the best time to plan a diet is when you’re full, satisfied and guilty. Trust me, you cannot imagine the determination one has at that point… until the hunger pangs kick in and you’re hungry. Again.

After badminton, my everyday drive from the country club to my home in the Katipunan Avenue area is like a culinary gauntlet. That street is flooded with all kinds of restaurants! My torment begins when I see Aisees Sisig near Ultra, then past the row of dining eateries along White Plains and the homestretch all the way past Blue Ridge.

My tummy betrays me and speaks sweet nothings to me, luring me into a deliciously appetizing trap that ensnares me into breaking the promise I had just made a few hours back. I get a respite only when I reach the overpass just before Ateneo.

Then, as I descend the bridge headed toward UP, the left side starts beckoning to me again with all those bright signages calling me to stop for a little bite.

Lately, Dairy Queen’s Dilly bar, Blizzard and Selecta’s Magnum bar have become my Achilles heel. Just now, as I write this, thinking about all those delectably fattening desserts, I find myself smiling involuntarily! Patay.

Unlike drivers who almost get into an accident while driving and texting, my close calls have been from looking at restaurants as I drive by.

Chicken rice

Since my last trip to Singapore, I have been dreaming about its food. Any new place here that offers Singaporean cuisine, I just have to try. Of course with Hainanese Chicken, I don’t expect much since the quality of the chicken in Manila is different. Chicken in Singapore is much larger, with a lot more fat, thus making it tastier and juicier than our local variety. But with some of the ingredients like rice, desserts and noodles, I do compare.

For the past few months, I have been awaiting the opening of this new place along Katipunan Avenue near Blue Ridge. As soon as I saw the name, The Chicken Rice Shop, I knew this had to be connected to Singaporean or Malaysian cuisine. I eagerly awaited the opening since they put up the sign, and I finally tried the new place just over a week ago.

I went alone first, then went back with my family. Here are the dishes we ordered. Wings, Tofu with Egg, Honey Barbeque, Pak Choy, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Pak Choy Veggies, Laksa, Chendol, the Soya Drink.

You must have the Chicken Rice. They also offer it roasted.  The chicken itself is not like Boon Tong Kee of Singapore, but tasty enough and the lightly greenish rice and hot broth are very good. It has the aroma of pandan and the sauces complement it.

I am used to eating this dish with three sauces. At Chicken Rice Shop, they give only two. The chili and ginger sauce. Ask for the sweet thick soy sauce. I combine these three sauces and dab it all over the chicken.

I also had the tofu with egg, which I like because of the tasty sauce, plus the dish is not fattening.

The Laksa is authentic tasting, with shrimp, a mildly spiced curry broth, noodles and fish balls. Sarap!

I wasn’t too crazy about the Lime Juice with Champoy though. Separately, lime juice and champoy are good. Together, well.

With the warm weather approaching, you must have the Chendol. It’s refreshing. This to me is the best Singaporean dessert. It is shaved ice, topped with strings of green-colored sweets, with plum sugar syrup, beans and condensed milk. Heavenly and light.

I also loved their Chilled Soy Milk. The Red Honey Pork with Dry Noodles was okay, too.

My future cravings will definitely put up an ardent struggle as I go through this culinary gauntlet. Check them out!

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