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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Clark, Pampanga is buzzing with excitement as it welcomes the arrival of VG Bakery and Bistro, a gastronomic gem that promises a delectable experience like no other. Spearheaded by the visionary Kapampangan Chef Vince Garcia, fondly known as Chef VG, this culinary destination has been years in the making, born from a deep passion for food and an unyielding commitment to culinary excellence. 

VG Bakery and Bistro Chef Vince Garcia

For those who revel in the pleasures of good food, VG Bakery and Bistro offers a diverse menu that spans the globe. From the iconic Classic Filipino Breakfast to an array of delectable European and Filipino breads, the offerings cater to different palates. 

Comfort food enthusiasts will find themselves indulging in a delightful assortment of salads, pizzas, pastas, and burgers. To accompany these culinary delights, a selection of exceptional coffee and beverages is on hand. What sets VG Bakery and Bistro apart is their dedication to crafting fresh goods in-house each day.

 “This is what distinguishes us from other restaurants in the vicinity,” noted Chef VG. As a bonus, a tempting 50% discount on selected items is available from 9 PM onwards. According to Chef VG, the standout favorites that customers should try include the Classic Spanish Bread, Zion’s Burger, and Scarlett Pasta, complemented by Matcha drinks and the VG Signature Blended Frappe. 

VG Bakery and Bistro Chef Vince Garcia

When asked about the secret behind attracting repeat visitors, the accomplished young Chef explained, “While maintaining impeccable quality, it’s really our affordability that resonates with our customers. Coupled with an inviting and stylish ambiance, VG Bakery and Bistro becomes an irresistible destination.” 

Chef VG’s culinary journey began at the tender age of six, ignited by his mother’s culinary ventures. Her ‘lutong-bahay’ and kakanin business became the foundation of his lifelong passion for preparing meals. These early kitchen experiences planted the seeds that would eventually bloom into his extraordinary culinary career. However, the path to success is often paved with challenges. When Chef VG opened his first restaurant, Rainforest Kitchen, in 2013, skepticism and doubts loomed large. 

At just 22 years old, he confronted skepticism due to his age and limited business experience. Managing a team older than himself seemed like an uphill battle. Yet, with determination and resilience, he defied expectations, mastering the intricacies of leadership and building enduring relationships with his team, “I am blessed to have a good and reliable team. One of my ultimate dreams is to provide them with a stable and decent job”, expressed Chef VG. 

Years of hard work and unwavering dedication culminated in the inception of VG Bakery and Bistro. A decade of culinary experience, combined with a passionate team, gave birth to this unique culinary haven. VG Bakery + Bistro seamlessly blends Chef VG’s dream of owning a bakery with his love for crafting European and Filipino breads. 

Teaming up with Genteel Home, a premier furniture design company, the restaurant exudes an ambiance that’s both sophisticated and inviting. As Chef VG’s culinary empire continues to expand, his journey remains a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence. 

From his early days lending a hand to his mother in the kitchen to orchestrating a diverse range of restaurants, he has carved a captivating path. With the opening of VG Bakery + Bistro in La Union and the broader plans for Chef Baboy branches in various regions, Chef VG’s culinary prowess knows no bounds.


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